A lot of us experience anxiety at specific points in the day. We have different kinds of triggers that can cause stress to appear in front of us, forcing us to deal with it. For many of us, we feel anxiety at night, as we are trying to sleep. This is the time when our brains decide to go into hyperdrive and send every thought it can through our minds.

This is how anxiety keeps so many of us up at night, and why we find going to sleep very difficult. But on the other side, some can experience anxiety in the morning. In a lot of ways, this can be a much more difficult situation to have to deal with, as you wake up to start your day already feeling stressed and worried.

You literally wake up, and the first thing you think is some sort of concern for something that is going to happen in your day. Before you even have a chance to hit Snooze one more time on your alarm, you are feeling anxious about something. It can be a crippling thing to wake up to, and can cause you to feel paralyzed, stuck in your bed.

If you are experiencing morning anxiety, especially if it is excessive and causing too many negative things in your life, you may have to consider the possibility that you may have a generalized anxiety disorder. It is essential to know what to do in case this is happening to you.

The symptoms of morning anxiety can often mirror the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. So, as you may know already, this could include:

  • feeling restless, on edge, or wound up
  • finding it difficult to concentrate
  • fatigue
  • frequent panic attacks
  • irritability
  • difficulty controlling nervousness or worry

Any of these can be signs that you are developing or struggling with some kind of generalized anxiety disorder. If you are feeling any of these things, you may want to consider seeking the proper help for it.

Where is this Anxiety Coming From?

Now, we get to the things that can cause morning anxiety to manifest in a person. There are plenty of things that can cause a person to experience these things. One of the biggest reasons for someone to experience morning anxiety is due to high amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol.

There has been a lot of research done into the cortisol awakening response (CAR). This research has shown that the production of cortisol is highest during the first four hours of the day for people who experience higher levels of worry and stress.

That, alone, can explain a lot of reasons why morning anxiety can be prevalent in someone’s life. It also may be dependent on what you eat or drink to start your day. Eating a high amount of sugar or caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety.

On the flip side, having low blood sugar can cause feelings of anxiety to be even worse. If you went to bed the night before with feelings of anxiety and thinking about whatever is worrying you, you can wake up feeling that way still. Sleep is often viewed as the best medicine, and that is correct to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that it will always work. Those feelings can last through the night and into the morning.

Getting Rid of The Morning Stress

There are plenty of ways to cope with morning anxiety, and they are all similar to how you can deal with anxiety in general. You can seek psychotherapy, which will give you the tools you need to understand your anxiety and make the most out of it. You may have to make some significant lifestyle changes to help ease the symptoms of anxiety as well.

You can indulge in a greater amount of exercise and physical activity, practice mindfulness, and meditation to help keep your body calm, and finally, when you have negative thoughts, tackle them head-on. You don’t have to shy away from what bothers you. In fact, tackling them head-on is paramount to overcoming them. We don’t have to be afraid of them but can use them to make ourselves stronger.

Anxiety, in any form, is hard to deal with. But in the morning, it can be even worse. Starting your day off with heightened feelings of stress is terrible. So, know what kind of things are giving you anxiety, how your body is responding to those things, and take the proper actions to help ease the feelings. There is no reason for you to have to suffer through it alone, and you are strong enough to get through it. All you have to do is know what’s going on.

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