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    We maintain a structured and supportive environment that
    promotes long term transformational changes in our clients by
    focusing on 12-Step fundamentals, human connection, and accountability.


    Camelback Recovery was founded on the Five Pillars of
    Accountability, Community, Support, Structure, and Purpose.


The Camelback Recovery Integration Process

Providing the necessary tools for you to build a sober life.

Timeline of the Recovery Process Before Camelback Recovery

  • Treatment

    Recovery begins...

    You begin recovery in treatment for 30, 60, or 90 days and during that time you’re in a bubble. You’re isolated away from all the triggers of everyday life, and that is what you need. You need to be in isolation while you’re in treatment and before you enter into transitional living.

  • During Treatment

    Working on yourself

    While you’re in treatment you’re working on all of the reasons you drink or do drugs. 

  • After Treatment

    You feel ready but...

    At the end of treatment, you feel ready to face life head-on. You don’t want to go to sober living. You don’t want the rules and the accountability, you just want to get back to your normal life. Unfortunately, a graduation certificate from a rehabilitation center doesn’t make anyone immune from alcohol or drugs. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about 90% of individuals who return home from a treatment facility are likely to have a relapse within four years after they have completed treatment. They need to go to a sober living home.

  • The Problem

    Why are the odds for long term recovery so staggering?

    The problem with going back to your normal life after treatment is that you feel like you’re on top of the world but you haven’t actually practiced sobriety. You’re going back to your old environment, with the old triggers and old habits associated with the place you call home. You’re skipping the integration process and you’re going to go back to where you’ve been programmed to live life in addiction, so there’s really no way to stay clean and sober.

Choosing a sober living home in Arizona

  • The Integration Process

    What You Need!

    You need to completely live life differently. You need new eating habits, new sleeping habits, and new exercise and eating habits. You need to learn how to pray, meditate, and do gratitude. You need to develop a foundation or a community of friends and people that you can spend time with who will encourage and support your sobriety, not the opposite. You need an integration process to walk you through these transitional steps.

  • The Camelback Recovery Integration Process

    Why choose our program?

    The Camelback Recovery Integration Process is based upon five pillars. These pillars provide the necessary tools to build new habits and develop new skills during the integration process. This is how you set yourself up for long term sobriety after treatment. Our sober living homes located in Scottsdale Arizona, all provide communities and environments that work together to help you achieve your long-term recovery goals.

Fully Certified and Licensed by Credible Authorities

By Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Recovery Housing Association




Our house managers are full-time W2 employees. Their full-time job is to facilitate recovery at the home and hold clients accountable to the rules and the requirements of the home.

As a preventative measure, we drug test two times per week and we breathalyze randomly two times per week. The reason why we do drug and breathalyzer tests is not because we want to catch somebody drinking or using. Rather, by doing this, our residents know that they’re going to get drug tested and breathalyzed, therefore, when they come across an opportunity to drink or use they’re less likely to do it because they know they’re going to get caught.

We utilize technology-assisted care with the C.A.S.A. app (Camelback Accountability and Support Application). The C.A.S.A. app is how we track all of our client’s activities. We hold them accountable to work in a 12 step program by tracking when they are:

  • Going to a meeting every single day.
  • Doing their self-care five days a week.
  • Making their bed.
  • Doing their chores.calling their sponsor every single day.

These are all the things that we hold them accountable for.

We know that they go to a meeting because we can see their journey through GPS tracking and they check in on the C.A.S.A. app when they were at the meeting.

We use GPS tracking as a preventative measure just like drug testing. We don’t follow them around or micromanage their journey throughout the day. They know in their minds that we know where they’re at. And if they go to a meeting and check-in and then leave, we can see that they were only at the meeting for a short amount of time. It’s just a higher level of accountability and it’s a higher level of support.



The opposite of addiction is connection. That’s why community is one of the Five Pillars of the Integration Process at Camelback Recovery.


One of the ways our Integration Process incorporates community is through food!

First off, we buy and provide all groceries for you. There are a number of reasons as to why we do this.

  • It’s not possible to shop cost effectively if you are grocery shopping for a single person.
    • To shop for healthy, high quality, organic food for one person would be outrageously expensive.
  • If everyone is buying food individually in a household, you end up with a refrigerator full of energy drinks, frozen pizzas, hot pockets, and top ramen in the pantry.
    • These foods do nothing for gut health and are not conducive to brain recovery.
  • People often steal each others food which creates hostility and destroys community.
  • When everyone purchases their own food, this promotes isolation, which is the opposite of community.

Second, our house managers take pride in preparing gourmet family-style dinners for the residents 5 nights a week to furthermore provide an opportunity to dine together in community.

We specify that these dinners are family-style because healthy families are the ultimate community, which is something we want to facilitate in our homes. As they say, families that eat and pray together are families that stay together.

On top of preparred dinners, residents have the opportunity to cook and eat breakfast and lunch together if they desire. This isn’t a requirement, but it is encouraged to build the healthy community environment of the home.

Professionally Decorated Interior

Now, on a separate note from food, we also have professionally decorated homes. Our homes feel like home. They have artwork and accessories like a nice home, the energy of a nice home, and they are a home that people want to be at. The way they are decorated provides a comfortable and clean setting which helps support the community aspect of our homes.

Three-Month Commitment

Next up, because we require a three-month commitment from all of our clients, we’re not a revolving door, so we attract residents that are serious about their recovery. We are a stable environment that people can call home. When a client moves in, the people that they move in with are going to be there with them for a while, that’s their community and those are their people.

The goal is for a person to stay connected to a recovery community as long as possible. Staying in sober living for a year is not uncommon and not a bad idea. It helps if the home and the community is comfortable. 66% of people that stay sober for a year stay sober for 5 years. 85% of people that stay sober for 5 years stay sober for life.

This community is what they did not have prior to going into treatment.



We provide support in a number of ways through our sober living services and support services.

Sober Living Support

The support provided in our sober living homes revolves around food, house managers, and technology assisted care.

To support our residents with food, we provide groceries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Additionally, the food we provide is all high quality and organic when possible, and we cater to each individual’s specific needs when it is reasonable.

We have on-site/live-in house managers to provide support and accountability for the community in our homes as well. House managers provide support by:

  • Sharing their personal experiences with the recovery process.
  • Many have been through sober living themselves, so they can relate and identify with residence’s current circumstances.
  • Help individuals identiyfy goals and objectives.
  • They support the progress towards each individual client’s objectives and goals.
  • Alleviating the need for mundance tasks such at grocery shopping and meal prep.
  • Emotional support, an ear to listen and a mouth to give feedback and encouragement.
  • From the beginning, they welcome them into the home and they help them process things when they get home from group during the week.
  • They provide support and leadership to the community of the home.

Camelback Recovery also provides support through the Camelback Accountability and Support App (C.A.S.A.). This app is how we provide technology assisted care and facilitates a host of support measures such as:

  • Personal goal setting/accountability
  • Activity check-off/tracking
  • Emoji Check-Ins
  • Recovery resources and meeting lists
  • Daily email reports to support network
  • Accountability and support maintained throughout the day with house manager

Support Services

We provide additional services as an extension of our sober living home service to provide support for our clients. These services help facilitate recovery with emotional support, guidance, and help with day to day activities. These support services include:

  • Recovery Coaching
  • Sober Transport
  • Sober Companion
  • Case Management



Structure is an essential compenent of the Camelback Recovery Integration Process. Our sober living homes have structure that mimicks the daily habits of successful, self-disciplined individuals to provide the tools necessary to thrive in life after sober living. These daily habits include:

  • Getting out of bed by 8 AM
  • Making the bed
  • Doing chores
  • Meeting our requirement of five units of self-care per week.
    • going to the gym
    • doing yoga
    • hiking Camelback Mountain
    • going to the dentist
    • getting a haircut
    • getting nails done
  • Self-care looks different for every single person but the main point is that they’re taking care of themselves, and they’re mindful and aware of how they take care of themselves.
  • Curfew is 10 o’clock during the week, it’s 11 o’clock on the weekends.

Once again, the structure we implement is just part of a normal healthy schedule. After three months of living in our homes, this schedule becomes a habit and it can carry over into day to day life after living with us.



Life without purpose is not a life worth living. Everyone has a purpose no matter if they feel that way or not. That’s why purpose is one of our Five Pillars. The list for how purpose is integrated is short but its implications are huge. Here is how purpose is a part of our sober living program.

  • We require people to live life with intention with at least:
    •  32 hours a week of school, work, IOP, volunteering or doing something productive with their day.
  • Sitting around the home and playing video games is not tolerated. That doesn’t happen at our homes because that’s not healthy, and it doesn’t drive purpose.


I cannot say enough about how glad I was I stayed with you. I also made this very clear on my PCS out-processing so that they will continue to recommended their intensive clients to you. Thank you for helping make this past week such a healing one for me!

Brad F.

Overall I am so grateful for you guys. Leaving treatment after three months I knew I needed to be in a healthy environment that would hold me accountable and help train me for success and I really have been given that at Camelback Recovery so far.


If you are attending the PCS IOP, I think this is the perfect fit. I felt really comfortable, at home and nurtured at Sojourn House. I have the best of memories of everybody there, all doing their work, with a real sense of camaraderie.


It is a supporting friendly environment created by the staff as well as other guests.

Kent B.

My experience at Camelback recovery has been very positive. A great group of guys live here focused on their recovery.


I loved living here, it is so convenient and it felt like a real community of sober people. I really feel ready to start my new life.

Alana C.

It was a really good experience! I made some stable friendships, had a lot of fun, and got to reside in an absolutely beautiful house.

Allie H.

If you are upwardly mobile and are able to be quasi-independent in daily life, the sober living facility is the greatest resource you could imagine. It allows freedom with just enough structure.


It was such a welcoming environment!! I’m so thankful for Debbie being there to talk to and support me and the other girls for their acceptance and welcoming me into the house immediately. I felt so supported by them!

Caroline S.


Thanks for a great stay yet again and making this a welcoming place to stay. And for being so encouraging and supportive and helpful.


Richard & Michael,

Thank you both so much for everything. The stay here was 5 stars. I couldn’t have had as successful of a week without this part of the experience.


Was more than a hotel but worth it and I’m glad I stayed here.

The PCS intake people (Mary) are probably fairly influential in steering clients towards accommodation. I will try to shoot Mary an email that I liked it here and would recommend for other guys, especially addicts in early recovery or unstable sobriety.

Meals were great, Richard was super hospitable, other guys were cool.

Aaron - Los Angeles, CA

Dear Richard (House Manager),

My heart felt thanks I owe you for making my stay at Camelback Recovery welcoming. You should open a fast food deli in your next life where I hope to see you again. Again, thanks for making this old Kentucky boy feel at home.


Mike W. - Greenville, Kentucky

Staying at Camelback Recovery while attending the PCS Intensive allowed me to really dive into recovery. Beautiful, clean, and safe home…and the House Manager is one heck of a cook too! Thank you! 

John S. - Scottsdale, Arizona



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