When you’re struggling with a mental illness, it’s hard to focus on school, work and other activities due to the challenges you may face. Anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders can disrupt your day, strain relationships, and make life difficult. It can be challenging for your family members and friends to empathize because they often can’t relate to what you’re going through.

The stigma sometimes associated with mental illness keeps people from getting the help they need to work through complex issues that come with the condition. Camelback Recovery’s mental health treatment center offers mental health treatment programs to address those unique concerns for residents in Mesa, AZ.

What Does Mental Health Treatment Consist Of?

Mental health treatment is not one-size-fits-all. When you seek treatment at Camelback Recovery, you’ll partner with doctors and therapists to develop a customized plan to address your critical issues.

Regardless of the type and severity of your mental health disorder, you’ll find the help you need in an accredited and licensed outpatient or residential setting. Mental health treatment consists of individual, group and family therapy, medication, support groups and other treatments to help you become mentally healthy.


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How Mental Health Treatment Can Benefit You or Your Loved One

Mental health treatment can help you or a loved one better understand your mental health condition and learn strategies for coping. Medications can help alleviate or lessen symptoms that can get in the way of living your best life. Developing coping and problem-solving skills, such as regulating emotions, helps you navigate situations that may lead to conflict or stress.

Mental health treatment can help improve communication skills and self-esteem, giving you more confidence in social situations, whether at work or a family gathering. If family relationships have suffered, family therapy may help rebuild trust, allow all parties to confront and move beyond differences and rebuild healthy bonds.

Mental Health Treatments and Services For Mesa, AZ Residents

Camelback Recovery offers various treatment options for Mesa, AZ residents if you’re seeking mental health treatment and services. Our center provides medication, psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, hospitalization, case management, support groups, alternative and holistic treatments, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring disorder treatment. While these treatments may not be appropriate for everyone, many complement each other and address the needs of the whole person.


Medication may be necessary to help your mental health disorder. If you experience symptoms that interfere with daily functioning, such as depression, chemical imbalances may play a role. Medication can help correct these imbalances and reduce symptoms. For example, psychotropic medications can improve focus and thinking for individuals with schizophrenia. Mood stabilizers may help if you have bipolar disorder. Antidepressants can treat symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and stress.

Our medical staff will work with you to find a medication to treat your condition. Working closely with the medical team helps you find the medicine that will be effective without hindering your ability to handle your daily responsibilities. Treating symptoms with medication can help you respond more positively to therapy. You can listen, concentrate and adopt strategies that will help you complete treatment.

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Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)

Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to discover the root causes of mental illness. By discussing experiences, feelings and thoughts with a therapist, you may identify what caused your mental health disorder. Mental health disorders may be rooted in childhood trauma, such as witnessing painful or violent events. Person-centered therapy can help you face these issues, learn to cope and find healthy ways to move forward.


Sometimes, a hospital is the best place for mental health treatment. For example, an individual with schizophrenia experiencing racing thoughts or trouble concentrating may require hospitalization for a medication adjustment. The inpatient setting provides a safe place when a mental health disorder becomes overwhelming or may lead to a threat to self or others. Outpatient programs work better for some people. Unlike residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient therapy and partial hospitalization programs allow individuals to return home or to other responsibilities after participating in treatment programs during the day.

Case Management

A case manager is a mental health care team member who works with doctors and therapists to ensure continuity of services. Case management is vital in helping individuals plan for life after completing a behavioral health or substance abuse treatment program, which facilitates long-term recovery.

Support Groups

When you have a mental health disorder, life can be lonely. Support groups can help. Support group members who experience the same symptoms, highs, lows and challenges can uplift each other as they share their struggles and how they’ve overcome them. Whether the condition is bipolar disorder, anxiety or substance misuse, support groups offer a judgment-free space where you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns.

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Alternative and Holistic Treatments

Many people prefer alternatives to medications or options that complement traditional treatments. You may be a candidate for alternative or holistic approaches to treatment. Your treatment plan might include exercise, herbal supplements, nutrition, massage and yoga. These treatments can enhance mental and physical well-being.

Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment For Residents in Mesa, AZ

Regardless of the mental health disorder, when there’s a dual diagnosis or co-occurring substance use disorder, it’s best to treat the mental illness and drug addiction together. Dual-diagnosis treatment can help you get the most from your mental health treatment.

How Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Work Together

Addiction can interfere with mental health treatment, especially when concentrating is difficult due to drug or alcohol cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms. About half of people with mental illness also have a substance abuse problem because they use drugs or alcohol to feel better. If you’re struggling with mental illness and substance abuse, clearing your body of substances can help you focus better on therapy and other treatments. Drugs and alcohol can worsen mental illness symptoms, so inpatient addiction treatment can help you feel better and give you the clarity and stamina necessary to succeed with therapy and other treatments.

Let Us Help You

Our experienced intake specialists will help you develop a recovery plan customized for your individual needs. You can come and visit one of our transitional living homes and be on your way to taking control of your life again.

Where Mesa, AZ Residents Can Find Mental Health Treatment

Whether you’re dealing with mental illness, substance misuse or a dual diagnosis, Camelback Recovery is a treatment center where you can find the mental health services and treatment you need to recover and get mentally healthy. When seeking the best mental health treatment center, Mesa, AZ, residents come to Camelback Recovery. Whether you live in Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe or anywhere in Arizona, call us at (602) 466-9880 to learn more about our treatment options at Camelback Recovery, the leading mental health and addiction treatment center.