I cannot say enough about how glad I was to stay with Camelback Recovery. I also made this very clear on my PCS out-processing so that they will continue to recommended their intensive clients to you. Thank you for helping make this past week such a healing one for me!

Brad F

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for finding me space at SoJourn house with Mikey and Brian last week. It was exactly what I needed to maintain my sobriety. Brian and Mikey were incredibly helpful and welcoming and warm and supportive of my journey. It’s been a really tough road, and it’s going to be a long life of recovery, but they made last week at PCS do-able. I’m grateful for them and the others staying in the house. There is a beautiful community they have built. If I ever need to come back, I know where I will be staying.

Barak R

I wanted to share with you the very positive experience I had staying at Camelback Recovery House.  To start with, like many suffering with addictions, being isolated is a big trigger for me. Having the support network within the actual living facility was indispensable. The house manager, Richard, is an incredibly humble, likable and respectful person to deal with. His caring conversations, polite demeanor and honest attitude is soothing and made me feel very welcomed from the start.  He also cooked dinner every night which was a huge benefit, without incurring an additional charge to the weekly rate, I may add.  There were plenty of snacks, breakfast food and lunch options to choose from, and again, at no additional charge.  The camaraderie amongst the other tenants was also a major benefit.  There were people there at different stages of recovery which lead to interesting, yet pro-recovery, conversations, as well as general conversations, that I certainly wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy if I stayed in a hotel room by myself.  The general attitude of “we’re all in this together” amongst everyone was refreshing to say the least.  One of the tenants even gave me a ride to my therapy on two separate mornings when I had to be there at 7am. One of the mornings he didn’t even have to work and gave me a ride out of the goodness of his heart at that super-early time!  Regarding the actual house itself, it is an updated home, clean, well-maintained, in a good neighborhood and it gave me a great sense of familiarity versus the often cold “feel” to a standalone hotel room.  The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was updated and modern and overall I was very pleased with the “hominess” it provided.  Overall, my experience was nothing but positive.  I didn’t know what to expect on my way to Scottsdale, and quite honestly, I was pretty concerned about what the living situation might be when I got there.  What I found was an exceptional house, great people and safe environment that enabled honest and open discussion, or no discussion at all, that in my mind, was critical to my own personal recovery. 

Patrick G, Tampa, FL

I was doing some work at a treatment center in Scottsdale and needed a safe place for me to stay. I was recommended to reach out to Tim and was impressed by his compassion and commitment to those in recovery and I decided to book a week there. From the moment I arrived Tim and the guys in the house made me feel part of the family and easy to be around. i felt completely safe there has the whole system of the house is based on recovery. It is not the place for you if you are not taking your recovery seriously. Best of all was the meals… Tim is an awesome cook and is passionate about fitness and nutrition. If I stayed at a hotel I would have paid double and had lower quality of food in my system.

Because of staying here I was able to focus on my treatment center work without the challenges to my sobriety a more tradition hotel would have presented. Tim and the house was a saving grace for me.


Camelback Sober Living was an incredible experience for me to re-integrate back into family life.  The morning and evening check-ins helped us get to know each other and forged friendships that will help me when needed.  Tim is a health nut which complimented my lifestyle and we did many workout activities together.  The food was healthy, organic and included in the weekly rates.  The house is wonderful, clean and we took pride in our daily chores and routines.  The accountability aspect was a little difficult at first but once I got into a grove I was able to workout daily, go to meetings daily, and was able to see the family with flexible and responsible curfews!  I had a mindful and healthy experience.  You may call me for a reference any time 480-540-4866.

Justin T, Gilbert, AZ

Camelback Recovery was a lifesaver for me! After spending 12+ hours a day in IOP every day for 10 days I was so grateful to come home to a delicious, hot dinner every night within 30 minutes of coming in the door.  I did not have the mental capacity or energy to fix anything for myself or to do much other than a drive-thru, which I don’t really like to do anyway. There was the opportunity to meet and bond with other men in recovery and share our strength and hope. This was nice to do after spending the day delving into my addictions and a painful past. Isolating in a hotel by yourself at night is the LAST thing I would recommend for anyone going through IOP.

Tim Westbrook, Owner, held nightly check-ins and each of us was held accountable for maintaining curfews and performing house chores (coffee prep, sweeping front porch, dishes etc). This gave everyone some “skin in the game” and made for a nice division of labor. This structure may not appeal to some that are less than serious about their recovery.  However, I found this accountability reassuring and particularly good for me.  Breakfast and dinners were all super healthy choices and planned out with input from us. Camelback Recovery truly took a load off of my mind and allowed me to concentrate on doing what I came to Phoenix for–fixing me. It was also good to have a conversation or a laugh after long days of therapy and Tim is a great facilitator for discussions ranging from addiction to yoga. Last, the location was perfect, a $10 lyft ride to everything–Scottsdale Mall or the Airport and everything in between.

Patrick L, Nashville, TN

Overall, I am so grateful for you guys. Leaving treatment after three months I knew I needed to be in a healthy environment that would hold me accountable and help train me for success and I really have been given that at Camelback Recovery.


If you are attending the PCS IOP, I think this is the perfect fit. I felt really comfortable, at home, and nurtured at Sojourn House. I have the best of memories of everybody there, all doing their work, with a real sense of camaraderie.


My experience at Camelback recovery has been very positive. A great group of guys live here focused on their recovery.


I loved living here, it is so convenient and it felt like a real community of sober people. I really feel ready to start my new life.

Alana C

It was a really good experience! I made some stable friendships, had a lot of fun, and got to reside in an absolutely beautiful house.

Allie H.,

In early 2016  I spent a week at the PCS intensive outpatient program to deal with some personal issues.  I knew that staying in a hotel by myself might be a difficult environment so when I heard about Camelback and talked to Tim I felt Camelback would provide a safe place for me to come back to at the end of a very long day; and boy was I right!  Not only is the house convenient to the center of Scottsdale, it is also immaculately clean and quiet.  Best of all though was the house manager, Richard, who was such a caring person to come home to at the end of the day.  He prepared hot home cooked meals within minutes of my return and was incredibly flexible with my schedule.  It was also really nice to have someone to talk to if I wanted.   

All in all it was a great experience and I would definitely stay there again if I have the opportunity.

Ned L, Philadelphia, PA

It was such a welcoming environment!! I’m so thankful for the house manager being there to talk to and support me and the other girls for their acceptance and welcoming me into the house immediately. I felt so supported by them!

Caroline S

Richard & Michael,

Thank you both so much for everything. The stay here was 5 stars. I couldn’t have had as successful of a week without this part of the experience.


Staying at Camelback Recovery while attending the PCS Intensive allowed me to really dive into recovery. Beautiful, clean, and safe home…and the House Manager is one heck of a cook too! Thank you! 

John S, Scottsdale, Arizona

Was more than a hotel but worth it and I’m glad I stayed here.

The PCS intake people (Mary) are probably fairly influential in steering clients towards accommodation. I will try to shoot Mary an email that I liked it here and would recommend for other guys, especially addicts in early recovery or unstable sobriety.

Meals were great, Richard was super hospitable, other guys were cool.

Aaron, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Richard (House Manager),

My heart felt thanks I owe you for making my stay at Camelback Recovery welcoming. You should open a fast food deli in your next life where I hope to see you again. Again, thanks for making this old Kentucky boy feel at home.


Mike W, Greenville, Kentucky

Mikey and Brian were great. They accommodated with anything that was needed, but more importantly, they were both a great source of support and recovery during my week at Camelback. Camelback was a great environment to help with my recovery. I would recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend because they provided a safe and comfortable environment for recovery during my stay in Arizona!

Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY

If you are upwardly mobile and are able to be quasi-independent in daily life, the Camelback Recovery sober living facility is the greatest resource you could imagine. It allows freedom with just enough structure.


I recently had an excellent experience when I stayed at camelback. I was hosted by Tim Westbrook while I was there for a week long intensive treatment program. The food was healthy and outstanding. There were pre-made breakfasts every day and healthy and delicious dinners every night when I came home. I had a bedroom to myself most nights. my bed on first sight was a bit small but it was plenty comfortable and the sheets were  clean.  In fact the house was kept very clean the whole time I was there. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the other guests and Tim and there was a check in with the group each night which was a comfort. I found Tim very hands on and attentive.  I haven’t stayed at a sober house before and was a bit nervous but felt at home right away. It was a safe haven for me when I finished my program each day. If I am back in Phoenix again I would definitely stay at Camelback.

Michael R, Calgary, Canada

My experience with the hose manager was great. She was supportive and assisted me with step work and accountability. The experience helped aid my sobriety and I would recomment Camelback Recovery to a friend. I felt supported along with the level of accountability. in regards to the food, the meals were thoughtfully prepared, tasty, and pretty healthy. The home was clean and spacious with an awesome backyard area.

Lisa P. - Tampa, Florida,

My house manager was very kind and very tentative to any questions I had. I feel the experience help aid my sobriety and I would recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend. The food was good and I felt a sense of support alongside the accountability.

Lisa F, Mandan, ND

The house manager, Amy, is amazing. She always takes care of things and is always there if I need something or need to talk. She is an amazing cook as well. She has the ideal personality for a house manager.  Amy holds me accountable and makes sure I get to meetings. Plus is always there to aid in my recovery. Amy makes the best dinners and buys great food plus asks what we’d like from the grocery store. Amy is very supportive and holds me accountable. I would recommend Camelback Recovery.

Cory S, Phoenix, AZ

My house manager is amazing, she makes being here like being home I was really homesick until she came along. The house manager was very helpful and very smart. Yes, I would recommend a stay here because it’s clean and there is a good atmosphere in the home. I felt supported and I felt like there was accountability.

Natalie D, Berlin, NJ

My house manager is EXCELLENT!!! So kind and patient and Encouraging. Definitely a blessing in my life! I felt that the experience helped aid my sobriety and I for sure would recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend because I felt 100% supported and a sense of accountability. The home is beautiful and the food is great and plentiful.


My experience with the House Manager was awesome. Great guys, work hard, always checking in, there to help when needed. 100% I feel that the experience helped aid my sobriety. I would recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend. This is just what I needed. Accountability and support from day one. Foods been great. Conditions always good. Residents upkeep the home and take pride in a clean home.  I 100% felt a sense of accountability and support.

Matt B, Tempe, AZ

The house manager, Dani is a great house manager has made my stay at Camelback an awesome experience. She is supportive and has established a respectful and comfortable open line of communication. I feel the experience helped aid my sobriety and I would absolutely recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend. The food is prepared fresh and healthy. The house is big, clean and well kept. I also felt supported and a sense of accountability.

Erika H, Tucson, AZ

My house manager was awesome! Christina is amazing and is very helpful to all us ladies in the house. I feel the experience helped aid my sobriety and I I absolutely would recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend! It is a great and supportive community where you can thrive and learn to grow in sobriety. I liked the food a lot and felt supported and a sense of accountability!

Anonymous, Kapolei, Hawaii

My house manager was great! She is always available and supportive. She checks in with us often and has our best interest in mind. Her laugh is contagious too! I felt the experience helped aid my sobriety. I would absolutely recommend Camelback Recovery to a friend! Sober living at Camelback is the best thing to do because it helps you learn how to live sober and healthy in the real world! Also, the food is excellent and I feel supported and a sense of accountability.

Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ


Thanks for a great stay yet again and making this a welcoming place to stay. And for being so encouraging and supportive and helpful.


It is a supportive and  friendly environment created by the staff as well as other guests.

Kent B

Camelback recovery is amazing. The environment is great and welcoming. I highly recommend this place to anybody who is looking to better their life. 20/5 stars

Joseph C

I stayed with Camelback at Serenity Ranch for about 6 months. It was an integral part of my recovery and I am so grateful for the experience. Positive and recovery based structure in a clean and beautiful home with other women in recovery set me up for a successful future. The manager of Serenity (Nina) was very helpful and supportive and I still consider her an important part of my recovery network.

Laura W

Having a lot of experience with working in recovery, I can say with the utmost confidence that camelback recovery, specifically this house is worth 10 stars. Top notch, the best of the best. The reason, is the house manager, Nina. She is the most compassionate,!loving and caring person you will find. The company is more than lucky to have her and the ladies that go through the house learn love, accountability, trust, and friendship. Nina is dedicated and loves the girls. She deserves the world. Go girl and keep helping others.

Guy F

This is the best sober living house I have been to. The staff truly cares about the clients. They provide all meals. It is like having a family. Absolutely love this place and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Sober Living home.

Magen T

Camelback recovery is amazing. The environment is great and welcoming. I highly recommend this place to anybody who is looking to better their life. 20/5 stars

Joseph C

Camleback has been there for me at every opportunity eagerly. I am in a direction in my life where I am driven and dedicated. And I would’ve never seen that out of myself prior. My priorities have made a 180. I feel like I’ve finally grown up and am ready to move on with my life in big ways.

Dagon F

Camelback’s Serenity Ranch was a wellness sanctuary in my time of need. They provided me with a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to do the hard work I needed to get healthy! I am forever appreciative and thankful to Nina & the gang!

Kellyn F

This setting was the perfect transition from in-patient treatment. The house manager, Nina, is very supportive and helped me develop healthy coping mechanisms that kept me sober. This house saved my life and I am forever grateful for it.

Brittany H

This setting was the perfect transition from in-patient treatment. The house manager, Nina, is very supportive and helped me develop healthy coping mechanisms that kept me sober. This house saved my life and I am forever grateful for it.

Brittany H

There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain how Camelback Recovery changed my life around. Before I came to treatment in Arizona, I was in terrible suffering from my addiction and the shame and depression that came with it. I went to a great rehab, but being part of Serenity Ranch Camelback Recovery as a support every evening was an Essential part of my recovery. I felt safe and cared about. All my needs were taken care of. The amenities are unbelievable, I felt like I was in a five star hotel. But most importantly for me was how the staff treated me. I am so grateful to Anthony for seeing my individual needs and extending himself to each person. Lots of people on top of big companies stay more aloof, but he is very involved. There are staff meetings every single week to address problems or concerns.
Most importantly, I hugely credit my recovery to Nina Davis, the house manager. It would be apt to call her the house mother. Nina was available 24/7 to help with anything a person might need, physically or emotionally. I felt like she cared about me the most out of everyone but everyone I spoke to felt the same way. Every evening we’d go around the dinner table sharing highlights and challenges about their day, and Nina created a safe environment, where everyone felt comfortable sharing. She is one of the most giving people I know and I love her to death.

It saddens me that there is so much suffering in the world today, but it gladdens my heart that special organizations and people exist that can brighten up our existences.

It’s 1 year since I came home. Since then I have graduated college, and work in education full time. I am 700 days sober. Anyone that goes there has a great shot at life. Good luck to you all!!!!

Josh L

Great place, even better staff. (Nina) I really enjoyed my time in Scottsdale with Camelback Recovery.

Macee R

Camelback saved my life. Thank you!!!! And the food was amazing!


Camelback recovery is a great place to live. It holds a serene vibe which allows you to heal, grow and find your true self. I would recommend this place to anyone who is in need of a stepping stone to their recovery. When I was here, it was like a breath of fresh air!!!

Jess M

This experience was everything I never knew I needed. The house itself is gorgeous, the community amazing, and the house manager was INCREDIBLE (not to mention a fantastic chef!). It gave me all the support and structure I needed, and then some. In truth, I miss it tons. Cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you!!!!!

Jessica L

Camelback is an amazing recovery center. The staff that I have come in contact with is absolutely the best. Their facilities are tops when it comes to care and availability to help and support. I would recommend Camelback to anyone I know who is in need of their services and care.


The house managers at the Serenity and Raintree houses have been extremely helpful and kind. Nina, the director of the female houses, is the best and would do anything for her clients. I’m grateful to have gotten sober with Camelback.

Madeline B