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Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between a recovery home and a sober living environment is the level of care and support.

A sober living environment is a home that is occupied by other alcoholics and addicts in recovery, and who are there as support and companionship, just as you are to them. Sober living environments have general guidelines, but usually don’t provide all-inclusive services beyond providing a safe and sober living situation.

A recovery home is more structured and offers a higher level of care than a sober living environment. These extra services may include simple, yet strict, guidelines that promote harmonious communal living, mental health support, life skills coaching, sober companions and transport, and crisis intervention if necessary. The main goal of a recovery home is to take the worries of daily minutia off the shoulders of clients, so that they can focus on healing and recovery. However, clients are expected to follow guidelines and put in the necessary work to make long-term recovery possible.

Sober living homes vary in, not only their services, but in their culture. Not just any sober home will meet your individual needs for support and the establishment of healthy goals for your recovery. Thoroughly consider what you believe to be specific services that you need and what type of environment you think will foster your self-confidence and increase your chances for recovery. Then, propose these guidelines to different sober living facilities, so that you can talk with professionals to determine if their services are right for you. Be confident in your visions of what will work but be open to the myriad of services that are available from different sober living situations.

The number one thing to remember when you believe that a loved one may be an alcoholic or drug addict is that you can’t magically save them. Unless your loved one is in immediate need of medical attention, it is not advised to approach them without seeking support first. You can seek support and guidance from addiction professionals by calling a treatment center, or attending Al Anon meetings, so that people with experience can help you determine the severity of your loved one’s condition and what options you may have to help your loved one help themself. It is not wise to confront your loved one without the proper tools, especially if they are under the influence. You don’t have to enable their behavior, but discretion is advised when considering taking action to help an alcoholic or addict. Camelback Recovery is available to speak with concerned loved ones at any time.

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