United Healthcare is a multinational insurance company based out of Minnesota. The company provides insurance coverage across the country through numerous plans for employers and individuals. All of this insurance company’s plans include provisions for behavioral health, which allows many treatment centers around the United States to utilize these benefits to help those in need of these services. Arizona’s Camelback Recovery accepts United Healthcare Rehab coverage for those in need of mental health services as well as individuals struggling with addiction.

Depending on the extent of your coverage through this insurance conglomerate, a portion of your mental health treatment may be covered via your plan benefits. To find out exactly what your United Healthcare insurance policy covers, click here to have our team run a no-cost confidential verification of your benefits so you or a loved one can start treatment as soon as possible.

About United Healthcare Mental Health Coverage

American insurance companies must provide coverage for mental illness as dictated by the Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. This means United Healthcare plans do have provisions for mental health treatment as well as assistance with addiction. However, the extent of United Healthcare mental health coverage varies, so it’s imperative to plan for some out-of-pocket costs associated with mental health treatment and addiction treatment services, if necessary.

For United Healthcare rehab coverage, it’s important to note that some addiction treatment coverage through United Healthcare only includes detox, while other plans go further and include ongoing rehab assistance.

This insurance provider strongly encourages the use of in-network providers when choosing a mental health treatment center, so the difference in cost between out-of-network mental health providers and those in-network can be significant. Moreover, some plans — such as United Healthcare Choice — don’t allow the use of out-of-network providers. This is one of the reasons knowing precisely what your plan does and doesn’t allow is imperative when choosing the right mental health treatment providers.


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Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

Wading through insurance documents can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology. Some of the standard terms you may encounter include:

  • Copay/coinsurance: A copay is the set amount you’ll be charged up front for a particular service. Coinsurance is the percentage of the overall cost that United Healthcare insurance will require you to pay. For example, if your coinsurance rate is 25%, United Healthcare will need you to pay that amount and it will cover the remainder of the cost.
  • Deductible: This is the amount you must pay annually for health care-related services before your policy kicks in with coverage.
  • Premium: A premium is a monthly payment you’re responsible for to maintain your health insurance policy.

United Healthcare Plans: Medicare

As is the case with many major insurance carriers, United Healthcare has options for those who qualify for Medicare. The specifics of each plan vary depending on where you live and whether you choose an HMO or PPO plan. However, no matter the particulars of your plan, premiums will be affordable. Most plans typically include medical and prescription coverage, though choosing a cheaper option with just one or the other is possible.

Most United Healthcare Medicare plans for mental health services cover inpatient treatment and group therapy, if the latter is required as part of a more extensive treatment protocol. It should be noted that Medicare plans are typically only for those age 65 and older, though there are exceptions for people with severe disabilities or end-stage renal disease.

United Healthcare Group Insurance Coverage

United Healthcare is a significant group insurance provider with a wide array of plans employers can choose from. It caters to small businesses and major corporate clients, which is why it has such an extensive reach for those seeking treatment.

The United Healthcare Choice plan is one of the more common options. It offers extensive coverage for in-network mental health treatment centers but no coverage for those out-of-network. United Healthcare Choice Plus allows for some range for out-of-network providers but compels clients to choose in-network options with steep service discounts. United Healthcare mental health coverage through the Choice Plus plan helps patients choose a mental health treatment center in the company’s extensive network by offering incentives. Finally, the PPO options provide some flexibility for out-of-network providers but use the savings cultivated from the cost preferred provider network to encourage individuals to use a mental health treatment facility that’s part of this network.

United Healthcare rehab coverage incorporates a substance abuse helpline to aid in finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab facility. This can help clarify the specifics of an individual insurance plan so you know you’re choosing a treatment program that caters to your needs.

What Does United Healthcare Cover for Mental Health?

When seeking mental health services via your health insurance plan, you may need to start with your primary care provider to get approval for further treatment. This is especially pertinent if you feel you might need inpatient assistance. This prior authorization is necessary through some of the company’s plans.

Where addiction is a factor, United Healthcare mental health coverage may require prior authorization through your primary care provider or via a call to the company’s substance abuse help hotline, depending on the plan and how much drug rehab is covered.

Because it can be confusing to determine precisely what is United Healthcare rehab coverage in terms of mental health services, it’s best to work with one of our representatives to learn more. We can walk you through the specifics of your insurance plan and determine if partial hospitalization programs, outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment is an option in terms of what United Healthcare covers.

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