Camelback Recovery is a fentanyl rehab center that provides comprehensive fentanyl addiction treatment in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We’re ready to help you or your loved one with guidance, support and research-based treatment for fentanyl. This includes medical and psychological care provided in our inpatient residential treatment rehab center and via outpatient care to prevent relapse.

What Is Fentanyl?

Although it’s been around for over 60 years, fentanyl wasn’t widely used or even known about by the general public until fairly recently. This synthetic opioid is intended for use during and after surgeries, as well as in cancer-related chronic pain management. Unfortunately, the extremely high potency required in such scenarios — up to 100 times higher than heroin and morphine — also leaves fentanyl open for abuse in the wrong hands.

Its strength, combined with a relatively easy manufacturing process, has led to countless fentanyl overdose deaths throughout America. Many people are knowingly abusing fentanyl as a substitute for heroin and prescription opioids. Others unknowingly consume it, however, as it’s commonly found in counterfeit pills or mixed into heroin.

Why Choose Camelback Recovery for Fentanyl Rehab?

Regardless of how or why a person became addicted to fentanyl and opioids in general, help is available from our compassionate staff at Camelback Recovery’s residential treatment facility. Each member of the team is a highly skilled, experienced care provider with unique specialties that combine to treat fentanyl addiction on an individual basis.

Treating people as individuals is just one of the ways our approach to fentanyl recovery in Phoenix differs from other alternatives. We’re fully licensed and certified to provide everything from trauma counseling and various therapies to medication-assisted treatment and medical monitoring. This can all be provided under one roof at our state-of-the-art fentanyl addiction rehab facility, which offers recreational activities and peaceful moments in a supportive environment as you work toward recovery.

Group therapy session with participants actively engaging in discussion at a fentanyl rehab in Phoenix.


We can help you achieve permanent sobriety that gives you your life back. Call to learn more about our therapy options in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Fentanyl Rehab Programs

There are several stages involved in the recovery process at an addiction treatment center. Different modes of care are also used based on the needs of each individual and their history of fentanyl abuse, which will be determined during an initial assessment and ongoing oversight. You most likely won’t require all the available programs, but some of the most important elements are described below.

Detox Services

Taking the first step of detoxification is very important, particularly when fentanyl and other opioids are involved. We take withdrawal symptoms very seriously here at Camelback Recovery. Most opioid users are all too familiar with the symptoms of withdrawal, which often cause them to relapse when they attempt to get clean without help. As such, we have full medical supervision throughout the fentanyl detox program. Our licensed staff members can provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help lessen withdrawal symptoms and get you through it successfully.

Inpatient Rehab

As the name suggests, inpatient rehab is provided in a residential facility where people have 24-hour access to care and support. Some people may stay as short as 30 days, while others may stay for an additional month or two. Living arrangements for inpatient treatment vary based on individual preference and other factors. Some may prefer the peace and quiet of their own room, while many people choose to share with a roommate for mutual support.

Inpatient addiction treatment at Camelback Recovery gives everyone a safe, structured and supervised environment where they’ll receive various treatments and therapies. This can help a great deal in the recovery process for fentanyl and opioids, as it eliminates external distractions, temptations and situations that may trigger a relapse.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Upon completion of an inpatient rehab stay, most people start receiving treatment in a partial hospitalization program. PHP treatment is provided on an outpatient basis, which means you’ll begin integrating with the community once more and regaining your independence. Even so, people receiving PHP treatment meet at Camelback Recovery’s treatment center for around 4-6 hours every weekday to ensure a smooth transition out of inpatient rehab.

During this critical stage of addiction treatment, the Camelback Recovery team will continue to provide all the care, support and therapies you’ve come to expect. Whether returning home or transitioning to recovery housing, you may benefit from our sober transportation and companion programs.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The next step in your journey may involve treatment in an intensive outpatient program. Although it shares some similarities with a PHP, such as scheduled meeting hours at the center, an IOP allows for greater flexibility. Intensive outpatient programs are perfect for those ready to return to work or school. IOPs are also ideal for those who have a supportive environment to live with friends or family.

This stage typically lasts 30-90 days, depending on each individual’s needs. You’ll still have access to the usual services from your customized treatment plan, including individual and group therapy, medication management, relapse prevention, sober transportation and companions.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

We mentioned the importance of medication-assisted treatment earlier as part of the detox program, but it’s not limited to that stage alone. MAT can continue to help manage cravings throughout every stage of recovery in both inpatient and outpatient programs.

This type of treatment is always administered by licensed personnel and uses only medications approved by the FDA. Depending on your customized treatment plan, medications may include methadone and buprenorphine for opioid cravings. Naltrexone may also help prevent relapse, as it discourages opioid use by blocking the sedative and euphoric effects via the opioid receptors in the brain.

Doctor showing medication to a patient in a clinical setting, illustrating Phoenix fentanyl treatment and MAT

Comprehensive Mental Health Support

Let’s take a look at Camelback Recovery’s mental health support programs. This important support layer is available as part of every program detailed above. Our approaches to inpatient mental health treatment and ongoing care via outpatient mental health programs are designed to help you succeed throughout your rehab for fentanyl in Phoenix. The options are wide-ranging and very much based on the needs of each individual, but we’ll touch on a few of the most common treatments below.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Camelback Recovery’s rehab centers provide dual diagnosis treatment, which is designed for people with both addictions and mental health concerns. Due to the complex nature of these co-occurring disorders, as well as the ways they intertwine, dual diagnosis treatment requires professional staff with knowledge and experience in both fields.

Despite the challenges and symptoms these co-occurring disorders can cause, this type of treatment is critical to long-term success in the drug rehab process. As an example, someone suffering from depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder may have gravitated toward drug abuse and became addicted as a way of coping. If these and other mental health concerns are left untreated during recovery, this person is at a much higher risk of starting the cycle of drug abuse all over again.

Dual diagnosis treatment may include individual and group therapy sessions, as well as psychiatric services. At Camelback Recovery, individuals can be evaluated by our certified, highly skilled psychiatrists to develop a unique treatment plan. Depending on the individual, a psychiatrist may recommend services or prescribe medications, including antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sedatives and stimulants. As the individuals seeking treatment already suffer from drug addiction, however, any prescriptions will be highly scrutinized and carefully monitored for potential abuse.

Specialized Therapies

Numerous evidence-based services and treatment programs are available to help people stay on track throughout recovery. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may benefit those suffering from depression, anxiety or trauma. CBT attempts to change unwanted thought patterns, ultimately leading to positive changes in behavior.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) applies more generally to people who need help managing stress and mood swings as well as maintaining healthy relationships, all of which are typically affected by substance abuse. We also offer eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) and accelerated resolution therapy (ART). With a focus on distressing memories and the reactions triggered by them, EMDR and ART can both be of assistance to people who have PTSD and other traumas.

Family Support and Therapy

Camelback Recovery encourages family members to become involved whenever possible throughout the treatment process. Opportunities for loved ones to play a role in recovery include family therapy sessions, which may help mend relationships, rebuild trust, and help create an overall treatment plan.

Insurance and Payment Options

Camelback Recovery works with many insurance providers to make long-term recovery affordable. In addition to those listed below, most plans from major insurance providers will cover varying degrees of professional help for substance use disorders.

The best way to find out for sure is to submit a request online to check your insurance with the help of our knowledgeable specialists.

Start Your Recovery From Fentanyl Addiction Today

Now that you’ve gained a better understanding of what’s involved throughout the process, hopefully, it all seems a little less daunting. Above all, you should know that we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our compassionate staff will be there to ease you through fentanyl detox if you’re having severe withdrawal symptoms, and we’ll still be there to help after you leave the facility and start getting your life back.

There’s no better time to begin your recovery, so contact Camelback Recovery today for the most effective fentanyl rehab in Phoenix. Call us at 602-466-9880 or contact admissions.