Some things we think are bad may be good.

— Harry Bartholomew

Making hasty judgments about people can be detrimental. We quickly decide if an invitation to dinner is worth our time, or maybe we pass up an opportunity to engage in a book club or get acquainted with a prospective friend simply because we are a bit fearful. Does it really make sense to so quickly dispense with the people or the possibilities that beckon when we have so much time to spare?

While it is true that some opportunities may not be good, we can’t make educated judgments about anything without at least a modicum of exposure. It’s by design that we are still here, in this life, in these bodies. Perhaps we should be more open and trust the Grand Designer. Quietly seeking our inner voice will tell us what to do.

No doubt we have all regretted passing up opportunities after hearing of another’s experiences with them. That doesn’t have to be the standard for our lives, though. Careful contemplation coupled with some quiet meditation will always guide us appropriately. Taking the time to fully consider an option allows us to cull the good from the bad.

I don’t have to accept every invitation that comes my way, but I can be open to new options. 

When I first read the quote, “some things we think are bad may be good’, I start thinking about the challenges I have faced. I think about when my girlfriend and I broke up. I think about the car accident I got into. I think about my ex-wife leaving me. I think about filing Chapter 7. All of those things may have seemed bad at the time. However, all of those life experiences have contributed to the person I am today. For example, my wife leaving me is the final straw that led me to sobriety. Some good comes from all life experiences. I am grateful that I am open and willing to see that. I am grateful for my life in sobriety today.