Welcome to our blog on sober living in Scottsdale, Arizona! If you’re new to the blog this will be a very exciting time to start reading. I will be going through and writing a blog post a day on recovery following the book The Addiction Recovery Journal by C.W. V. Straaten. We shall start the challenges or prompts as asked by the book and I hope to grow through this journey as well as learn a little more about what it means to help men and women get into the appropriate sober living home. Please follow along and keep me motivated by commenting or sharing the blog on whatever social media site you have to gain more of a following. So without further ado here we go fam!

“Day 1 – If your addiction was a person how would you describe him or her? What is the one piece of advice you would give him/her?”

I don’t believe that people are good or evil, unfortunately, my Borderline Personality does seem to bring up that kind of black and white thinking at times that I typically combat with the principles I have learned by working through the 12 steps and actively working a program. Like many addicts and alcoholics, drinking and drugging were ‘but a symptom’ for me as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous tells us. Although, if my addiction, as tumultuous as it was, filled with anger, victimization and hopelessness was if anything a broken soul. So if my addiction was a person who suffered as horribly as I remember then it would be someone I would empathize with, but not enable. Today I try not to take anyone’s inventory but the best suggestion made to my family that aided my growth as a person was not to continue to fund, co-sign or support the nonsense I put them through. Now I am so grateful because it was through my own will that I was able to be open to the guidelines outlined in the 12-steps. The best advice I could give this person (my addiction in human form, king of like how Will Farrel is my sense of humor in human form) would be that there is a solution and if they are able to put the same amount of effort into their recovery as they are into their addiction then maybe, just maybe, the person of addiction could be a person who’s recovered.

That concludes today’s prompt, please come back daily to read the post and see what prompt or challenge the author has in store for us next. Thanks for reading our recovery home blog. Please make sure to share and comment if you enjoyed reading and make sure to like, comment and follow on our Facebook page.

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