The new year brings an opportunity to reflect on areas for growth and set goals for the upcoming 12 months. There is a tendency for us to go full force trying to acquire new habits and have our efforts dwindle by March. It’s much more helpful to take the new year as an opportunity to reflect in gratitude for areas we have seen growth over the past 12 months instead of trying to compel ourselves to change in the ways we want to. Alcoholism is often described as a disease of perspective. We don’t accurately see ourselves or the world. AA literature says we put ourselves at the bottom of the pile or the top, unable to stand shoulder to shoulder with our peers. It’s much more useful for us to stay in the present, setting goals and intentions after seeking God’s will so we are in less danger of following selfish motives and wasting time. My goal this year is to grow my meditation practice and practice restraint of tongue and pen as much as possible. What is yours?