Sober Living Homes In Scottsdale and Tucson

Sober living is a safe place for people who need accountability to live in when they need a stepping stone from some kind of treatment back into the real world. It keeps them safe and guarded against the temptations of life on life’s terms with rules set up to do so. When people have spent some time in a sober living program it is only natural to become overconfident in their recovery or healing and think that everywhere they go from there will be just like what they are doing now. This feeling of safety and invisibility is often referred to as a ‘pink cloud’ in recovery and is a common feeling to fall into when things finally start getting better.

The truth is the real world is not like any sober living program. This can come as quite a shock and if taken to lightly could cause someone to misstep or overestimate their ability to handle certain situations. In the real world, there is no set of rules that need to be followed. For instance,  there is no curfew which is a great tool to keep people in recovery from all the things that go bump in the night like bars, night clubs, strip clubs, casinos and all other miscellaneous activities that could take you down the wrong path. What I mean is that it is very easy not to fail when you stay on the plane of success. When someone is wanting to transition into reality it’s important to make sure certain precautions are enforced and that all possibilities are really considered. The main thing to look at is if the place you’re going to is a safe space. Will the people living in this space respect your recovery or healing? Or will they be participating in activities that are not conducive to your recovery? As people in recovery, we need to set boundaries with what we are okay with being around before placing ourselves in certain situations because waiting until we are in those moments can be too late. This is not meant to scare anyone out of sober living because naturally, that is a transitional home for anyone, but instead a good reminder to set up a safe place that makes sense for your specific headspace. Think about what triggers you or what is good for you and helps you be successful and make sure that all those things are available to you where you will be going. At the end of the day, it’s good to remember that only you know how to take care of yourself the best way possible. Trust your gut feelings and always play it safe because your healing process is the most important thing in your life. Without your recovery, it’s much easier to lose everything else.

Written by Dani Maldonado