When we look in the mirror, who is looking back? Is it someone we like or someone we have grown to dislike? Is it someone weak and defective because of illness? Or is it someone good and decent in spite of it?

Ideally we see ourselves for who we are – with strengths and shortcomings, with abilities and limitations. Ideally, we see someone who has grown to accept and love him- or herself [illness and all].

When I look in the mirror today, who do I see looking back?

Thought for the Day

Accepting my limitations is a sign of health.

I’m grateful today that I am clean and sober. I am grateful that I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. I have learned to own my shortcomings. When I am resentful, I have learned that I need to look at my part. My actions are almost 100% of the time the reason why I am resentful. Learning to take responsibility for my part and learning to own it has helped me become a much happier person. There is no one else to blame. I am responsible for everything in my life.