Consider the physiological effects of the so-called “designer” drugs. Are these drugs any more dangerous than nicotine or alcohol?  


In my opinion, designer drugs or more dangerous than nicotine or alcohol. You don’t know what you are getting with a drug that was created in an underground or illegal lab. These drugs were created and not tested. You don’t know how strong the drug is, what is actually in the drug, or what the effects might be. Designer drugs are also known as “club drugs”. Take GHB for example. I was really into GHB back in the early 2000s. I cannot even count how many times I over-dosed and woke up in the emergency room. Every time I woke up in the emergency room, I was like, “f$%k, it happened again!” I used to take a cap of GHB, also known as “G”, and then take another cap, then another, then another, then a swig, then another swig. Next thing you know it was lights out and I was in the ER. While on G, I can remember losing things, losing my mind, not remembering where I lived, not remembering my door code. I remember a time when I was in a cab and I could not remember where I lived. The cab driver delivered me to a police officer, I was arrested for being under the influence in public, and I spent the night in jail. With alcohol, you know how much you are drinking and how potent the drinks are. You know what the effects of alcohol will be. It is much harder to drink so much alcohol that you end up in the emergency room. What makes designer drugs dangerous is the unknown factor. You don’t know exactly what you are taking, now much you are taking, and what the effects will be. Regulation and control make nicotine and alcohol much safer than designer drugs.