We provide individualized recovery support services for each stage of early recovery and beyond, to ensure that every client receives the support that they need and deserve and move on to a happy and productive life in recovery.

The support staff at Camelback Recovery includes many who have gone through the recovery process and who continue to recover. They understand that each client has unique experiences and recovery goals, so their approach to recovery support is to be considerate of each client’s personal recovery plan, and to help clients achieve wellness and autonomy.

Camelback Recovery believes in the importance of a strong support network for each client to achieve sobriety and recover.


We can help you achieve permanent sobriety that gives you your life back. Call to learn more about our therapy options in Phoenix, AZ.

C.A.S.A. – Technology Assisted Care

The C.A.S.A. App (Camelback Accountability And Support) allows you and our house managers to be more connected.

This app allows us to track the results of day to day operations to help provide greater accountability and support for you as well. When beginning the recovery journey do you want less accountability, community, and support? For men and women alike, the answer is absolutely not! That is exactly why we include this application as a standard for everyone who stays at Camelback Recovery.

Whether in Phoenix, Scottsdale, our Technology Assisted Care helps provide another layer of support for our residents. Additionally, while this app is primarily used for support, there have been cases where certain features have assisted in saving lives.

  • In-App Communication with the House Manager

  • GPS Enabled for Journey Tracking and Meeting Check-Ins
  • Education and Wellness Resources

  • On-Demand Access to Daily Recovery Meetings and Community-Based Support

  • 24/7 Contact with Personalized Support team

  • Daily Success Tracker with Emoji Check-Ins

Recovery Coaching

The most effective technique to preserve a lifetime of recovery

Our recovery coaching service consists of personalized strengths-based support that addresses problematic behaviors developed in active addiction. Life coaches help clients establish recovery goals and put them into motion, all while holding them accountable.

People with severe Addiction and Behavioral Health challenges are often so deeply entangled in a philosophy of addiction that they frequently require continued support disengaging from this culture and entering an alternative philosophy of long-term recovery.

Consulting, motivating and enhancing long-term support theories is the primary emphasis a Recovery Coach makes all while identifying goals and engaging and encouraging clients.

A Recovery Coach may use one or a multitude of comprehensive recovery development plans. These may include but are not limited to the G.R.O.W. model, the SMART model and/or a Strengths-Based Personal Recovery model. All three models are successful methods for sustaining long-term recovery.

“I have a sponsor and I’ve been treated by an addiction specialist, why do I need a Recovery Coach?”

A sponsor simply guides the newly recovering addict through the 12-step principles of AA/NA. They are neither an advocate, motivator, or lifestyle consultant.

An addiction specialist coordinates a 30 to 90-day focus on critical biopsychosocial stabilization. They must set ridged boundaries which prevent a friendship or an ally role for a client.

A Recovery Coach bridges the gaps between a sponsor and an addiction specialist because they are able to:

  • Be an advocate, motivator, lifestyle consultant, friend, ally, and more
  • Facilitate the process of sustaining a lifetime of long-term recovery
  • Set personally achievable life goals
  • Rebuild fragmented family & friend relationships
Recovery Coaching Services Basic Expanded Premium Ultimate
Initial and ongoing assessment of client needs and goals check check check check
Development of comprehensive recovery plan check check check check
Confidentiality and documentation of accountability check check check check
Daily text message contact with recovery coach check check check check
Daily email sent to support network showing accomplished goals check check check check
25 minute phone call with client 5 days per week check check check check
Phone call to those who help the client maintain accountability (family, therapist, IOP, sponsor, etc.) Bi-weekly Weekly Weekly 2x Weekly
Face-to-face meeting with client 1 Weekly 2 Weekly 5 Weekly
Recovery Coaching Pricing Basic Expanded Premium Ultimate
Non-Residents (For 3 Months) $4,200 $5,400 $9,000 $14,000
Residents (For 3 Months) $2,975 $3,975 $6,575 $9,975
Resident Discount ($1,225 discount) ($1,425 discount) ($2,425 discount) ($4,025 discount)
Residents (Monthly) $1,200/mo $1,600/mo $2,600/mo $3,500/mo
Family (Monthly) $800/mo* $1,200/mo**

* 3 Days Contact weekly with the Family
** 5 Days Contact weekly with the Family
Drug testing available at an additional cost

Crisis Intervention

We partner with local and nation wide interventionist to facilitate all intervention needs

Camelback Recovery’s crisis intervention services provide immediate and short-term assistance to people who have experienced something that produces emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral distress.

Refers to methods used to offer short term immediate help to individuals who have experienced an event that produces mental, physical, emotional and behavioral distress. This can include but not limited to a relapse, suicidal ideation, a transport to another facility, and the need to get a client connected to support at a higher level while under coaching services.

The client and/or family will be aware of services that fall into this category prior to being billed. This does not include minor crisis’ that are after hours phone calls or any time agreed upon during initial intake.

Pricing varies on location and interventionist.

Sober Companions

A sober companion can make heading back to your normal life less of a challenge

Camelback Recovery understands the struggle faced by those transitioning back into their life outside the treatment facility. Working with recovering individuals and hearing their stories allowed us to understand that many of those seeking sobriety feel apprehensive about going back home after treatment. That’s normal.

You’ve worked hard to achieve sobriety, and it may be harder to move away from triggers when your immediate environment isn’t as structured as it was in the recovery home. In some cases, a recovering individual may feel unnerved about meeting old friends, joining group meetings, and integrating back into the community and their old life. These situations may give them the urge to stop for a drink to edge off their mood.

A sober companion is a hired physical and emotional support person who enters into social situations with clients as they transition into your life at home. Their presence serves as a public representation of the client’s focus on health and sobriety and a gentle reminder of your focus on health and sobriety. Their main role will be to keep you from drinking or using, during your time with them.

Camelback Recovery’s Sober Companions:

  • Understand your circumstance and are trained to keep you in recovery and away from triggering situations or people
  • May live in your home for a brief period, be there to provide support on an as-needed basis, or even go on vacation with you
  • Make sure your home environment is free from drugs and alcohol
  • Observe and respond to behaviors that seem out of the ordinary
  • Encourage you to practice the healthy habits you’ve developed while in treatment
  • Encourage you to rekindle bonds with loved ones

Pricing starting at $1,200 per day

Sober Transport

A trained travel companion to safely accompany you from one point to another

Sober transport services are ideal for the client that cannot trust themselves in an airplane, airports, or making it to vital appointments, court, work, etc.

We travel anywhere in the world within a moments notice, and we are able to transport an individual who is under the influence of substances, as long as they are not in need of direct medical attention and are safe to fly or drive. We can provide all travel arrangements, assist with proper documentation, as well as packing and unpacking.

Price ranges from $200-$1200 per transport depending on severity and location.

Sober transports can provide travel:

  • To and from treatment
  • From hospital discharge to treatment facility
  • From one treatment facility to another
  • From jail to treatment facility
  • From home to work
  • To destinations abroad
  • To events like class reunions, weddings, or business conferences

Life Coaching

Exceed Your Goals & Dreams

Our life coaching services provide strengths-based support in teaching clients to take the necessary steps to improve their quality of life. Life coaches help clients devise a recovery plan based on self-examination, transformation of thought processes, and practical steps to take to live happy, healthy, and responsible lives.


For any alcoholic or drug addict to be successful in recovery, there is a vital need for self-reflection in order to recognize unhealthy thought patterns and habits that have developed in active addiction. In order to correct thought processes and unhealthy behaviors, each client will need to take a thorough personal inventory of defects of character before they will be able to transform their thinking and habits into healthy ones that are conducive to success in recovery.

Our life coaches are highly skilled in educating clients how to approach such a difficult task by providing support and guidance as the client takes the necessary steps to improve quality of thought and quality of life.

To Any Lengths

We know that every client is capable of recovery, regardless of the challenges, as long as they are willing to go to any lengths to get it, and our life coaches are there to steadfastly and joyfully support them in their journey.

Our life coaches work to instill a work ethic in clients that includes openness and willingness do the hard work that it takes to change unhealthy thinking and behavior that were a part of their life in active addiction. Clients are introduced to a 12-step approach to recovery, which involves, not only thought change, but taking practical direction in the form of assignments by a sponsor and following up with a recognizable desire to remain sober, even when the work gets hard.

Case Management

For up to one hour each day, our case managers can:

  • Handle case assignments, draft service plans, review progress, and determine case closure.
  • Help clients get access to healthcare and social service needs.
  • Coordinate care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and client-centered.
  • Help clients achieve wellness and autonomy.


  • 1 day per week – $500/mo
  • 2 days per week – $800/mo
  • 3 days per week – $1,100/mo