I’m here with someone who’s in recovery. I’m super excited for the show, because we’re going to talk about her journey. My guest is Alejandra Gastelum who is also working on some amazing projects. She’s been working as a recovery coach specialist for the last 4 years. She’s also a support companion and a certified peer support specialist. Alejandra is the community liaison for Turning Point Healing Centers and the perfect guest to have on the show today.

We get to hear about how she found purpose helping others on their unique journey, and she’s very passionate about helping others achieve long-term sobriety. In this episode Alejandra shares her background and the early trauma she endured. She also tells us how she became a shoe designer, realized it was time to get sober, and went to treatment and was successful the first time. This is an open discussion where she shares everything from her weight, faith, her P.O.W.E.R. Academy, and even the PTA.

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  • [03:38] Alejandra was born and raised in Pasadena, California.
  • [04:40] We learn about the trauma Alejandra endured during her childhood and early adult years.
  • [06:39] She was also a star athlete in school. She partied on weekends. She had her first drink when she was a freshman in high school.
  • [07:40] In 2017, she realized she had a problem. She was functioning for a long time.
  • [08:40] She had been working in TV production and then decided she wanted to design shoes.
  • [09:14] She moved to Milan, went to design school, and opened a brand in LA.
  • [12:50] Alejandra shares when she decided to go to treatment and get sober. She gives all of the glory to God.
  • [16:03] We talk about the power of surrendering control.
  • [16:40] She left her company and decided to stay in Arizona. She now works in behavioral health which made her happier than she had ever been.
  • [21:18] Self-care and things like working out daily and meditation has really helped Alejandra.
  • [22:33] Working in recovery is really helpful in staying sober.
  • [28:56] She currently works with adolescents at Turning Point. Alejandra is passionate about helping teens and created P.O.W.E.R. Academy a recovery high school.
  • [35:36] Alejandro thinks that she’s passionate about helping kids, because she’s trying to be the person who she needed.
  • [38:11] ACEs is about adverse child experience. It can identify how you were able to navigate life and how you reacted to things.
  • [42:54] The school is like a normal high school except that it has recovery coaches. They are there to create a safe sober environment, and there are also requirements to attend.
  • [44:12] They will also provide boarding.
  • [45:43] 30 days isn’t enough to become sober or stay sober. Avoid people, places, and things.
  • [47:53] They’ll have 70 students at one time, but different kids will transition in and out.
  • [53:00] We talk about the American Gladiators documentary and how it got started. Sometimes all you have to do is get started.
  • [55:06] Alejandra is also working with the Arizona PTA.

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