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ILBS 23 | Natural Healing
  There is a lot more to recovery than just going to inpatient treatment, seeing a therapist, and going to 12-step meetings. While these things are important, you also need to find long-term solutions that can help you recover and continue living a happy, joyous, and free life. You need not only cut out bad habits from your life, but you also need to form healthy ones in turn. Bringing someone who can help you
ILBS 21 | Memoir
  Following the path towards recovery is not an easy feat. So when one is long on their way at it, we can call for a celebration! New York Times bestselling author of eight books, Anna David is a person in long-term recovery, having recently celebrated her 20th year! In this episode, she takes us behind the work she has to put upon herself to live a happy, joyous, and free life. Her journey shows us
ILBS 20 Darren Waller | Season Record Holder
  They say all addiction stems from trauma. For Darren Waller, it’s the mindset he carried of having to constantly prove himself to those around him, even if it meant going down the wrong path. At 16, he started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. In this episode, he joins Tim Westbrook to share with us his comeback story, his journey to recovery, and how he found peace and purpose in his life. Darren takes us through
  Studies have shown that serotonin, known as the “happiness chemical,” promotes well-being and boosts our mood. Do you want to feel good and happy? In this episode, Tim Westbrook brings on Scott Donnell, the CEO of Hapbee, a wearable device that is scientifically designed to promote your desired mental state at the touch of a button. Backed by fifteen years of research, Scott explains the technology behind Hapbee which mimics signals that your brain
ILBS 18 | Understanding Narcissism
  Without proper rehabilitation for narcissistic people, helping them deal with their psychological difficulties is challenging. On top of the tedious task of understanding narcissism, there’s also their higher potential to resort to substance abuse just to address their needs. Going deep into this mental health issue with Tim Westbrook is Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist and certified narcissist expert. Together, they discuss how a narcissistic personality is typically fueled by insecurity, manipulation, frustration,
ILBS 17 | Neuroplasticity
  Neuroplasticity holds great promise in holding the key to addiction recovery. This is especially true with alcoholism, the mechanism of which relies heavily on hardwired patterns in our neural pathways. While it is certainly true that alcoholics are born with a predisposition towards alcohol addiction, it’s not a fact that we are powerless to change. Joining Tim Westbrook in this episode, addiction consultant and addiction recovery expert, Dr. Robb Kelly explains how we can work
  How do you deal with or reduce stress and be sober? Most of the time, everyone looks for something when stressed, and for Tim Ringgold, he found recovery in music. In this episode, Tim Westbrook interviews Tim—a certified music therapist, author, and host of Reduce Your Stress—about his journey of recovery from his addictions to a sober life through music. He discovered how music affects the brain and how to get back into the
    Life is not without its obstacles and challenges. How you deal with them is what separates you from the rest. How do you overcome whatever life throws your way? Tim Westbrook is with Whitney Jones—two-time Miss Fitness Olympia, five times Pro Champ, and owner of Pro Physiques—to share with us the champion mindset, learning how to be unstoppable and roll with the punches. Together with it, Whitney also takes us across her own
    “Life Gives to the Giver” is a conversation with Joe Polish, who created one of the most elite business networking groups in the world for industry transformers. His foundation, Genius Recovery, helps people with addiction recovery. His two groups, Genius Network and 100k, are the most sought after connection networks in the world that are tailored to building a better entrepreneur. Joe’s mission around recovery is to help change the global conversation around addiction