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Episode Blogs

ILBS 34 | Breathwork
  Dan Brulé is known as the Bruce Lee of breathwork. He is a modern-day teacher, healer, and a world-renown pioneer in the art and science of breathwork. He has trained a lot of people, from athletes to members of the Special Forces. He teaches them how to use breathing for personal growth, professional development, self-healing, and spiritual awakening. Dan is also the author of several books including Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork for Success in Life, Love,
ILBS 33 | Fighting Trauma
  If you had any kind of trauma and it still haunts you, seek help. The only way you can fight trauma is being open about it instead of hiding it. Tim Westbrook brings Marilyn Murray on the show to walk us through the topics of trauma and abuse. If there’s anyone who can speak about this topic, it’s Marilyn. She is regarded as a pioneer in the treatment of trauma. Learn how she survived
ILBS 32 | Addiction Intervention
  Healing is not a lonely business. It takes a village. With interventions, the family creates a plan to help their loved one struggling with addiction. In this episode, Tim Westbrook, MS invites Nanette Zumwalt to share with us her expertise as one of the top interventionists in the industry, both nationally and internationally. Nanette helps us understand what an intervention is, what role a family system plays, and how the process goes to find
ILBS 31 | Psychedelic Therapy
  When addressing any form of addiction, most people think of going to rehab or AA meetings. But Deanne Adamson takes it to another level and presents another solution: psychedelic therapy. She joins Tim Westbrook, MS to talk about how this can help a person dealing with addiction get into actual work that directly impacts mindset, perspective, and spirituality. She shares how beating alcoholism inspired her to set an example and later started Being True
ILBS 30 | Addiction Recovery Nutrition
  A good nutritional diet and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand. People forget that stress and depression mostly start in the brain, in the mind. So a good and healthy diet will help solve some brain inflammation and other negative things. To learn more about nutritional diets, join your host Tim Westbrook and his guest Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RDN. Kristin is a senior fellow at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. She is the creator of their fuel well
  Addiction is a problem faced by many people, and sex addiction is a common one. In this episode, we talk about sex addiction and how to heal and recover from it. Tim Westbrook interviews Robert Weiss PhD, LCSW. He is the Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity, a unified group of online and real-world communities helping people to heal from intimacy disorders like compulsive sexual behavior and related drug abuse. Dr. Weiss discusses healing sex
  Trauma does not appear out of thin air. It comes from deep-seated issues and experiences that start from our childhood. Likewise, healing from trauma does not happen overnight. In this episode, Tim Westbrook is joined by Shalev Amar, also known as Freedom From Trauma on YouTube. Shalev works as a lawyer in his own Amar Law Group but has dedicated most of his life to learning about trauma and finding ways to overcome it.
ILBS 27 | Narcissism
  Substance use and addiction are not just born out of external and environment factors. There is often a deep-seated cause that we don’t treat—our personality. In this episode, Dr. Ramani Durvasula joins host Tim Westbrook to discuss how narcissism manifests itself and influences substance-related issues. Ramani is a licensed clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, author, consultant, speaker, and expert on narcissism. Her practice has focused greatly on highly antagonistic personality styles and their impact on mental
ILBS 26 | Recovery Propelled by Purpose
  Recovery from addiction takes many paths, and one path is recovery propelled by purpose. You have to be prepared to change and find your purpose in life. In this episode, Tim Westbrook interviews lead generation expert and recovering alcoholic David Hill about his journey towards sobriety. David talks about what pushed him towards alcoholism and the spiral of abuse that pushed him towards alcohol. He talks about what brought him to the path of