PCS Accomodations

We are honored to be a provider of high-quality, all-inclusive accommodations for clients attending the PCS intensive program. The PCS intensive is a 1-2 week program for individuals experiencing a crisis in their life, feel stuck in their current therapy, desire to move more quickly through their issues, or are simply impatient with one to two hours a week of therapy.

With a staff of over 25 therapists, a PCS Intensive can address compulsive and addictive behavior (chemical, sexual, gambling, food, etc.), prior traumas (sexual, physical, emotional), relationship difficulties (communication, sexual, conflict, etc.), and mood disorders. We have a long standing relationship with PCS and our staff is very experienced with the unique needs of clients attending the PCS intensive.

Who We Are:

Our homes are gender-specific communities of men and women bonded together by their shared journey through recovery. Our program utilizes a social model with an emphasis on self-care and physical wellness which we have found to be most advantageous to fulfilling, successful long-term recovery. Our hands-on leadership team and full-time housing staff is dedicated to providing high levels of accountability, support and daily structure to empower our clients in their transition back into independent living.

Camelback Recovery specializes in supportive housing for clients in early recovery from alcohol and substance dependence disorders as well as trauma and stressor-related disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders, eating disorders and process addictions. Having an alcohol or substance abuse history is not a requirement to stay in our home, however total abstinence from all mind-altering substances is.

All of our homes are open to PCS clients however, the two homes closest to PCS are Sojourn Men’s Community and Arcadia House. We have dedicated PCS rooms at both of these homes. For pricing and availability, call 602-466-9880 extension 2.