New Admissions Line

We have created a streamlined phone system to get in touch with our team as fast as possible. Call us at 602-466-9880 to be connected with us! We can answer questions about our program, bed availability and rates.

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  1. Eric Hahn
    Eric Hahn says:

    Good Day.

    My name is Eric H and I am a recovering addict (meth) residing in the valley. I have been in recovery since 2009 (I am 56) and recently started having relapses to close between each. I had ten months in February and then relapsed for a weekend. I had a weekend relapse in April and one last weekend.

    I moved to AZ 2 1/2 years ago with ten months clean at that time. I have chosen to love on my own while here which is not working for me. When I came in to recovery in 2009 I went to IOP and moved in to a sober living home. That was my first 13 months clean. I feel the time has come again to get back in to living in a recovery environment.

    I am a IT professional and like I said 56. I do not think a living environment with 20 year old’s is a great idea for me. I want to ask if your know of any executive recovery homes in the valley that may be more suitable for a 56 year old man who is not new to recovery and has been on this journey for 8 years bu needs some needed support?

    Thanks for your help


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