Mild Behavioral Issues can be Helped

The severity of behavior disorders can range from mild to severe, depending on the person and the circumstances. When addiction co-exists with these issues, it is vitally important that any approach to dealing with one should carry into the other. At Camelback Recovery, our staff understands that each client’s recovery plan is unique and that, if mental health concerns are a part of the plan, they are just as important as getting and remaining sober. In fact, addressing a dual diagnosis with only one condition in mind is a fatal mistake in terms of reducing chances of recovery.

Even when mental or behavioral disorders are mild, neglecting to thoroughly look at how they affect an addict’s chances of long-term recovery is a blatant disservice. In reality, dealing with mild mental health concerns presents its own unique problems, and can be just as hard to overcome as dealing with more severe ones. Clients may have become so experienced with trying to deal with milder forms of mental illness that they have developed well-ingrained coping mechanisms that serve as a mask. It can be difficult to break those coping habits in order to form more healthy ways of facing their condition. Camelback’s knowledgeable and caring staff is ever aware of the mental health needs of each and every client. Kindness alone can go a really long way in helping a client with mild mental or behavioral issues, such as anxiety and depression. We provide a safe and supportive place where clients can openly address mild disorders through sharing with staff or engaging in counseling or therapy sessions.

Living with anxiety, depression, or other mental or behavioral disorders can be very difficult and can greatly reduce the chances of recovery. That’s why we strive to provide the best mental health support services possible – because it matters.

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