Medically Assisted Treatment Can Work

When medically assisted treatment is necessary for a client, Camelback Recovery’s mental health support services provide assistance in connecting clients with mental health professionals, providing transportation to and from appointments, as well providing a controlled environment for medical treatment.

Connection with Mental Health Professionals

When medically assisted treatment is determined as part of a client’s recovery plan, Camelback Recovery provides support to help the client find a mental health professional that meets their specific needs. Usually, this involves a psychiatrist who is able to diagnose the client’s mental health condition that needs medical treatment, prescribe appropriate medication, and provide follow-up visits to ensure that the treatment has ongoing effectiveness. In addition, there may be therapeutic need, in which case, we will assist in coordinating therapy sessions and providing transport.

Controlled Environment

Camelback’s medically assisted support does not end with making connections to mental health professionals and providing transportation to and from appointments. We ensure that we are fully aware of the type of mental or behavioral problem that is being addressed and know what specialized support is necessary outside the offices of the psychiatrist or therapist. Our staff is educated and experienced in recognizing any warning signs that a client may exhibit if medical treatment is not showing success and will ensure that the client receives the extra care needed to find what other approach may be more successful.

Camelback Recovery strives to meet the unique needs of every client, regardless of the service, and are willing and capable of making any changes necessary to keep the client on their personal path of recovery. We do not shy away from the subject of mental health because we understand that sometimes medical assistance is needed, in conjunction with recovery services, in order for a client to achieve success in sobriety.

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