We currently have one scholarship bed available at Camelback Recovery.

The normal all-inclusive pricing is as follows:

$1500 per month = twin bed

$1600 per month = double bed

$1800 per month = queen bed

In the interest of comparing apples to apples, I want to break down the monthly fee at Camelback Recovery. Food is valued at $600 per month (this is conservative considering the quality of food provided at the home). Here is the breakdown:

$1500 = monthly fee

$600 = meals/food

$900 = monthly fee not including food

There are 4.43 weeks in a month. So $900/4.43 = $203. Therefore, the monthly fee of $1500 at Camelback Recovery translates to a weekly fee of $203.

Currently, we have one scholarship bed available, one twin bed available, and one queen bed available. 

The food situation at Camelback Recovery is better than it has ever been. Dinner is prepared 5 nights per week and breakfast and lunch meals are prepped and ready to go. 

Please call 602-751-4866 with questions or to setup a tour or email info@camelbacksoberliving.com.

Thank you! 

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