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It’s common to have resolutions for the new year that are hard to attain but being in recovery I’ve come to realize that I’ve stayed sober much longer than I thought was even possible and that is an accomplishment all it’s own. Early in recovery, it was hard to stick to anything outside of not drinking, not using or not getting into my own obsessive thoughts. Today through practice and repetition it comes naturally! What this practice of the same principles daily has taught me about any resolution is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, but through not giving up and picking up where you left off things become easier with time. So my wish for you, whether you’re in a sober living program, mood disorder program, or seeing if either is right for you is that you keep at it and make progress towards your end goal. I hope you don’t give up if you fall down and you stand up strong and keep going with your head held high. If you do your best in whatever you do it may stop you from wondering ‘what if’ in the future.

Happy New Year.

Go out there and learn from your mistakes and maybe, just maybe, it will stick!

Written by Dani Maldonado.

About Camelback Recovery

Camelback Recovery provides sober living homes and recovery coaching in a structured and supportive environment that promotes long term transformational changes in our clients by focusing on 12-Step fundamentals, human connection, and accountability.