Halloween is a time for wearing costumes, play and remembering how to connect with your spontaneous self. Sometimes it might be easier to act silly when you are wearing a costume but I promise you that you can do that whenever you feel like it. In growing up, we often lose the ability to play or try on new things to see how they feel to us. We can become rigid and inflexible. Some people view that as being mature. I view it as being afraid. Life is a journey of trying on new boundaries, discarding old behaviors, experimenting with vulnerability and playful adventures. I would have never learned what clothes I like wearing, what movies and music I enjoy, or what foods I like had I refused to take a chance and say “why not try?”


Halloween is a good reminder to me that I can be anyone I want to be, I can try new things and I can decide if I like those new things or not. Happy Halloween to everyone!