Camelback Recovery is so named after Camelback Mountain, a popular hiking destination just 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix. The summit resembles the hump of a camel’s back, and it’s 1420 feet high. It takes many steps to get over the (camel’s) hump and enjoy the satisfying 360-degree views.

Luckily, in recovery, it only takes 12 steps to get over the hump of addiction and start enjoying the satisfaction of a life in recovery.

We wanted to share our own unique 12-Step Working Guide as an offering to anyone who finds themselves new in recovery and is looking for a practical way to unpack and work the steps.

So, take a load off with Camelback Recovery’s “12 Step Working Guide” and enjoy the view from up here on Camelback, where perspective and peace of mind are hard-earned and well worth it.

12 Step Working Guide

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Camelback Recovery’s “12 Step Working Guide” is intended to provide insight and assistance to anyone suffering from any addiction. It’s not substance or behavior specific. It’s a working guide because you work the steps.

It’s not a writing guide, a suggestions outline, or light reading before bedtime. Nor is it the beginnings of a manuscript for your autobiographical masterpiece. It’s a work in progress, just like we all are. There’s no need to achieve perfection – you won’t be marked on your answers!

Just remember: it works if you work it, so work it you’re worth it. And don’t work it alone. Work through your answers afterward with your sponsor and follow their recommendations. This working guide might be 480-618-5430 done in conjunction with other, more comprehensive workbooks – and that’s okay too.

Own your answers with ‘I statements’. When we refer to ‘we’ in the literature, we all suffer from some form of addiction. That’s our common bond. But it’s important that, over the course of this guide, you dedicate the time required to provide insight and answers into what makes you tick. This will help you heal.

You can write down the answers on a pen and pad (it’s much harder for your brain to lie to your hand while writing), or you can type them up or perhaps even record voice notes for yourself. That is up to you and your sponsor.

Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to work the steps provided you work them. Because recovery is to be found in between the steps, the ‘aha moments’ will arrive just when you feel like giving up. Don’t quit before the miracle happens. The journey of a thousand miles in recovery begins with these first 12 steps…