I’m happy to introduce you to Amy Moore, a beacon of hope and transformation in the world of addiction recovery. Amy’s personal journey from struggle to sobriety ignites her passion for healing others. Her heart-centered approach turns interventions into acts of love, promoting family unity and personal growth through education, group therapy, and compassionate support.

When she’s not in the therapy room, Amy embraces life and nature with open arms. Whether she’s hiking with her family, snowboarding, or capturing the beauty of a sunset, she finds joy and renewal in the great outdoors. A cornerstone of her recovery community, Amy shares her story and wisdom through speaking engagements and podcasts, spreading hope and offering a roadmap to long-term sobriety.

Listen in as we learn more about Amy’s inspiring journey and her mission to bring light to the lives of those battling addiction, one heart, one family at a time.

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  • [04:07] Amy grew up on a farm in rural Colorado. They had a wood burning stove and used an extension cord for electricity.
  • [05:18] Her dad was also drunk every single day. He was violent and came back from treatment even angrier.
  • [07:09] She had a rough childhood and took care of her siblings. Cooking is her love language.
  • [10:41] Amy wanted to be the best daughter while on her healing journey.
  • [12:29] It’s been great getting to know her mom after all of the previous trauma.
  • [12:53] Amy was never going to drink and do drugs. She left home at 14 and was pregnant at 15. 
  • [14:02] She gave birth at 16 and got divorced at 17.
  • [14:16] She was living in a program for teenage mothers and going to college.
  • [15:02] A guy she was dating talked her into having a couple of drinks.
  • [16:33] She couldn’t stop drinking and she even started doing drugs. 
  • [21:45] She was out of control and even got into an accident with a bunch of police cars.
  • [23:13] She lost custody of her daughter while she was in jail after this incident.
  • [24:42] She was depressed and her mom recommended rehab. 
  • [25:09] When she was 21, she checked herself into the Salvation Army 6-month program.
  • [27:38] She completed the Salvation Army program and still goes back and checks in once in a while.
  • [30:29] Amy talks about how she was inspired to become an interventionist.
  • [31:39] She did her first intervention in 2005. In 2012, she was offered an opportunity to train as an interventionist. She worked with this trainer for 3 years.
  • [36:15] If a family is met with resistance by a loved one who they want to get better, an interventionist might be able to help.
  • [37:33] Amy operates in a love first model of intervention.
  • [38:12] Intervention is so the family can start healing and coming back together. Success around intervention is starting the conversation so that that person has no other choice but to go get help, eventually.
  • [39:02] Reminding someone how much they’re loved and how much of an impact they have on the world is powerful in getting the prefrontal cortex turned back on.
  • [40:44] The prefrontal cortex is the thinking part of your brain. Alcohol and drugs have the ability to shut that off. Getting the brain to start working and being a participant in making decisions and being part of a plan is a beginning.
  • [45:25] Amy shares a transformational story. 
  • [47:38] Know you’re not alone and that there are people out there who really do care.
  • [50:59] We learn about love meditation. Amy also says a lot of prayers. 
  • [52:58] Amy’s morning routine is a 10 on the importance scale. 
  • [54:26] Amy wants to get the word out to everybody about resources and mental health.

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