I’m excited to continue my chat with Mary Tilson. Just yesterday, I was on her show, and we discovered we have so much in common. In 2013, Mary overcame alcohol and drug addiction and has since dedicated herself to assisting others on their journey to sobriety. After reshaping her life, she made it her mission to guide others towards recovery, founding Sun and Moon Sober Living—a community rooted in holistic healing.

As an E-RYT 500 Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a certified Professional Recovery Coach, and an International Retreat Leader, Mary draws from a rich tapestry of ancient traditions combined with modern science. When she’s not imparting her wisdom, she can often be found soaking in nature’s lessons amidst the majestic mountains of Colorado, where she calls home. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey.

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  • [05:11] Mary didn’t think she had a problem until she went to college and started experimenting with various drugs. She was blacking out and ended up in terrifying situations.
  • [08:36] She desperately needed help, and called her mom asking for help.
  • [10:01] She also went to yoga daily. When she went back to school, she started drinking and using drugs again, but yoga was also a big part of her life.
  • [11:16] She had no concept of what someone young would do with their life if they were sober.
  • [11:36] After graduating, she got a job in digital advertising.
  • [13:04] She started doing cocaine late at night. She went to work after being up all night and realized that this wasn’t working.
  • [18:58] Trauma informed yoga and meditation. Yoga has an incredible ability to support people during healing. It gives people choice and helps them adapt and make the practice their own.
  • [20:12] Movement is more than just working on the physical body. Yoga helped Mary with her recovery.
  • [23:48] Fitness is mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • [28:25] Awareness being clean and sober. What are you numbing from?
  • [30:18] The difference between trauma informed yoga and regular yoga.
  • [33:56] Mary talks about the importance of mindfulness in recovery.
  • [36:06] Understanding our nervous system and regulating. Without substances, we do need tools to regulate.
  • [41:12] Mary loves cold plunges and healthy stressors. Mentally you are safe even though it’s cold. It’s a peaceful state.
  • [46:46] The importance of embracing multiple pathways to recovery. It’s not one size fits all.
  • [50:48] Recovery is a program of action.
  • [51:17] When it comes to habit change, making it small is much more doable. Consistency is also important to carve out new pathways in the brain.
  • [54:04] There’s a lot of positive reinforcement when you are sharing your wins.
  • [57:50] Having a sober community is really important, because we need that sense of connection.

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