Mike Domitrz has been a featured expert on shows like “Dateline NBC” and frequently quoted in renowned publications like the Wall Street Journal. He is the Founder of The Center for Respect, an acclaimed author, and Hall of Fame speaker. It’s his mission to traverse the globe each year sharing valuable insights with countless businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and even the US military.

He is one of the preeminent voices on the topic of RESPECT. In our conversation today, we’ll delve into what drives Mike’s passion, who can benefit from his insights, and address prevalent myths about respect. We’ll also discuss the standards he believes in and offer guidance for parents and individuals navigating complex topics related to respect.

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  • [04:43] The only way someone can say they are an expert is if the industry says that they’re an expert. Mike is referred to as the subject matter expert on respect.
  • [05:43] When Mike was in college, he found out that his sister was raped. Mike started studying and discovered that consent was something that had to be asked for.
  • [07:44] Mike wanted to speak about consent and respect. This was 33 years ago.
  • [09:09] While in college he spoke full-time. He knew society wasn’t ready and he took a break.
  • [10:04] In 2002, he sold his business and decided to start speaking again. He had a family of six to support and no income.
  • [10:58] Going all in to succeed was the right approach for Mike.
  • [17:49] Mike shares his audience. He speaks to schools, parents, universities, corporations, and the military.
  • [18:54] When people feel respected at the office they are way more likely to be happy and do a good job.
  • [22:08] Mike shares what he teaches about respect to the different groups.
  • [24:26] One of the big lessons Mike teaches is how to say no.
  • [26:32] The biggest myth around respect is that it’s earned. Everyone should be seen and valued in the workplace.
  • [28:32] The ideal sexual standard for people. We know what we don’t want. We need to know what we want.
  • [29:52] Consent is the bare minimum requirement, not the standard of excellence when it comes to whether to have sex or not.
  • [31:08] Mutually amazing consensual sex is the point. This shifts the standard.
  • [33:51] Consent is a very low bar to teach to our kids as the standard.
  • [35:24] Sexual decision making has never been confronted in a room by a speaker. This is a triggering discussion for many.
  • [36:20] One of the most common mistakes that parents make when discussing respect is the part about making people respect you. When someone doesn’t treat you with respect, move on to someone that does. You deserve to always be treated with respect.
  • [40:24] Answer honestly on a date. Be authentic.
  • [42:04] We don’t have to say sorry, when saying no to sex. It’s okay to say not tonight.
  • [45:49] Overcoming that feeling that you owe someone sex. Saying no isn’t rejecting someone, saying no is honoring your body.
  • [50:45] We talk about sex and fulfillment at different stages of life.
  • [52:34] What do we do from here? Step back and talk to your partner about having mutual amazing sex.

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