Bobby Wolfe, FNP, is a nurse practitioner at Camelback Integrated Health and Wellness, providing integrated care to people on their path to recovery. He’s also the owner and nurse practitioner at Telemed PLLC. He is passionate about working with men and men’s health and longevity. 

He is trained in Western medicine, but embraces integrative practices. He also has additional training in men’s health. We talk about testosterone supplementation and how low testosterone can affect many parts of a man’s health. Low numbers affect everything from mental health to heart health and inflammation markers. 

Having the correct numbers and balance in life can leave a man feeling better or like he used to. Bobby is also passionate about helping people and those going through recovery. We talk about testosterone, men’s health, addiction, the importance of what we eat, and so much more in this episode.

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Audio Timestamps:

  • [02:30] Bobby wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He was interested in physical therapy and moved on to nursing. He then went to a program to become a Nurse Practitioner. He’s been one for about three years now. 
  • [05:52] A nurse practitioner can diagnose, treat, and prescribe treatment. Bobby has also done additional training for men’s health. 
  • [08:10] Diet and exercise and getting blood sugar under control can sometimes change a man’s life.
  • [11:05] Bobby also works at an integrative medicine facility. He thinks that people can get great results by integrating both types of medicine. Although, he is more Western medically trained.
  • [18:41] Bobby saw his sister struggle, which fueled his passion for mental health and recovery. 
  • [21:55] Most people doing well today have the mindset that past experience and trials have shaped them. 
  • [22:31] TRT changed Bobby’s life. He never had his levels tested, but when he did they were low. He likes to keep free testosterone scores between 20 and 30.
  • [24:47] He also noticed that his chronic canker sores stopped when he started supplementing testosterone. Low T is associated with inflammation and increased heart disease.
  • [26:00] Low T affects everything from cognitive function to just working the way you should. 
  • [27:55] It’s not a magic pill, but it will amplify your efforts and get your body to where it should be. 
  • [29:41] Bobby and Tim talk about food, inflammation, and testosterone. 
  • [31:13] When things get out of balance, that’s when we start having problems. Testosterone replacement therapy is a great modality to help people feel better.
  • [32:35] Testosterone abuse can also cause problems. Using testosterone needs to be done in moderation, and it needs to be controlled.
  • [33:46] Bobby shares his morning routine.

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