Troy Casey is a leading longevity authority, author, life coach, and healer. He is known as The Certified Health Nut because he has scoured the Earth searching for health and healing methods. He is the author of Rippedat50: A Journey to Self Love, a book about the human body temple and spiritual spacesuit and our symbiotic relationship with our Earth. Troy uses a unique holistic approach with nature-based simplicity to help restore physical, mental, and emotional balance for his clients. 

Thirty years ago, Troy was a Versace model in Milan, Italy. He also began using drugs and eventually alcohol at an early age. The demanding party lifestyle and the stresses of being in the superficial world of modeling took its toll on Troy’s health, eventually leading him to a journey of discovering health through nutrition, herbs, and natural purification. Troy shares a lot in this episode. We get a glimpse into his background and how not living a healthful lifestyle can take a toll on even a young body. 

Troy shares information about his beliefs and views on health and the Earth. He’s traveled the world, experimented, and explored foods and methods to encourage a healthy body, mind, and spirit. He shares his views on simplicity, taking things back to the basics and focusing on sleep, nutrition, and forgiving ourselves and others. This is an eye-opening interview with many interesting messages about healthful living.

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  • [04:07] Troy’s parents were hippies, and they ended up in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967. Troy grew up in San Francisco and On the East Coast.
  • [04:54] He left home at 14 and ended up in juvenile hall. He used that time to rehabilitate himself.
  • [05:54] He tried drugs and started drinking at an early age. He eventually ended up modeling and living a party lifestyle.
  • [10:32] Troy talks about the seven factors of managing stress which are also in his book. 
  • [11:48] People kept asking Troy if he was a model, so he went to some agencies and looked into it. He then got a contract with an agent in Milan.
  • [13:47] He discovered a lot of dysfunction in the modeling world. 
  • [14:34] He also wasn’t very healthy eating processed food. He began educating himself about health. 
  • [15:51] He’s spent the last 33 years studying internal purification and fasting.
  • [16:57] Troy realized he was wasting his potential with all of the partying and started to reflect on his life. He was especially attracted to step 11 of the 12 step program. He became involved in meditation.
  • [21:37] Troy talks about how self-medication can fall into addiction. Not being able to manage our stress also can lead to self medication.
  • [22:01] Things that can help include movement, hydration, and sleep. Sleep is how the human body heals itself.
  • [25:39] Movement is necessary for health. Living the natural lifestyle gives you clarity of mind and a strong body.
  • [29:41] It’s important for men to have direction and purpose in their lives from their hearts desire. Get clear of your heart’s desire and do what you love, and the money will follow.
  • [32:26] It’s so important to have a purpose that’s aligned with your heart and your values. Don’t be just blowing in the wind.
  • [34:40] We always feel better when we do the best we can. Also have forgiveness for yourself and for other people.
  • [35:53] Troy shares his passion for creating and living a healthful life.
  • [39:15] Adverse reactions of vaccines that have been reported can be seen at VAERS. 
  • [40:58] Flooding your body with deep nutrition can help with imbalances.
  • [42:22] Sugar and food additives can create imbalances in the body.
  • [43:00] Troy’s book is all about getting back to fundamental principles for health. 
  • [47:50] Troy shares his sobriety story. He feels better when balanced.
  • [51:34] Find tools that work for you to create a balance.
  • [52:55] Traditional values do have value in the world. 
  • [58:10] Troy shares his morning routine.

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