I have a deeply moving and inspirational story to share with you. My guest, Todd Belfer, has been on a remarkable journey of transformation and healing. Todd has been clean and sober for over two decades, successfully overcoming his struggles with drugs and alcohol. However, his path took an unexpected turn a little over a year ago when he faced the unimaginable pain of his son’s suicide. This profound loss led Todd to explore a realm he was once firmly against—psychedelics.

In this episode, Todd will share how this exploration has significantly impacted his life and recovery. Despite his initial reservations, Todd now advocates for the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, especially in dealing with grief and trauma. We discuss his journey to sobriety, the events that led him to reconsider psychedelics, and how these substances have helped him cope with his loss without jeopardizing his sobriety. 

Join us in this complex interplay between addiction recovery and psychedelic therapy. We’ll talk about Todd’s experiences, from his initial concerns to his transformative sessions with psychedelics. He provides insights into how these experiences have helped him heal, why he believes psychedelics can be safe and beneficial for those in recovery, and what advice he has for others considering this path. This conversation promises to be both heartfelt and enlightening, offering hope and new perspectives on healing and recovery.

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  • [05:30] Todd shares how he married his drinking buddy. They had fun, traveled, and drank together. When his wife got pregnant, she looked at him differently and decided to leave. 
  • [07:10] Todd went to AA and loved it. Each meeting he let his guard down. 
  • [11:04] He slowly began to accept things and started doing the work of getting sober.
  • [14:04] Todd was a staunch believer in sobriety at all cost.
  • [15:01] He was in so much pain after his son passed. His wife at the time recommended trying ketamine or MDMA to deal with all of the grief and pain he was going through.
  • [16:04] He went on a journey with her and connected with his son. It was a healing 5-hour experience where he felt love and connection.
  • [20:20] The psychedelics really help the struggle of separating the ego and forgiving ourselves.
  • [21:26] He also had an extremely profound hypnotherapy session.
  • [25:33] Todd can wholeheartedly say that psychedelics aren’t a gateway to relapsing.
  • [28:48] Psychedelics gave Todd peace and comfort.
  • [30:14] Psilocybin wasn’t as profound for him as MDMA and ketamine.
  • [32:02] Drugs and alcohol numb you out, where psychedelics bring you closer to your feelings.
  • [36:42] Psychedelics have increased his ability to connect with people on another level.
  • [42:01] Psychedelics aren’t recommended for people new to recovery. Do it under professional care as an internal journey to expand. 
  • [47:54]  Sobriety, 12 step recovery, and psychedelics and a professional manner is a beautiful combination that can heal so many people.
  • [51:59] Trying a psychedelic experience in a spiritual and professional manner could release you from who you think you are in the life that you’re living.

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