Have you ever wondered if your vitamins are working or not? My guest today has the answers. Barton Scott is a biochemist, inventor, and founder of Upgradedformulas.com. In 2015, using his chemical engineering background, Barton crafted a new type of mineral known as Stabilized Nano Minerals.

These minerals are easily absorbed by the body without regular digestion. Plus, his at-home hair analysis testing helps pinpoint nutrient deficiencies, making it easier to address them. Barton is deeply committed to helping people tackle daily stress, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, and more.

He shares a poignant personal journey inspired by the loss of his mother, underscoring the vital role of mineral balance in our health and emotions. We also touch on the significance of dietary sodium, highlighting the benefits of sea salt. Join us for a captivating exploration into the nexus of nutrition and well-being.

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  • [04:49] Barton is a chemical engineer, and he studied nutrition. He built a process using nanotechnology equipment to improve mineral absorption.
  • [07:43] He produces an encapsulated gel to help minerals absorb into the bloodstream.
  • [08:10] He’s now writing a book about how nutrition becomes personality. Our energy levels are determined by us and what we consume.
  • [09:27] Too much iron can cause personality shifts. Lack of magnesium will give you anxiety.
  • [11:30] We can’t help but be addicted if we’re missing things. Testing is the first step.
  • [11:55] Barton’s passion was inspired from losing his mother. He was involved with nutrition for himself and his loss of his mother.
  • [14:35] Problems with mineral absorption affect almost all bodily functions. Testing can give a map of what minerals we need.
  • [18:37] Hair is tissue and tests with hair are stable.
  • [20:49] Lack of lithium can cause anxiety. Minerals are also water soluble.
  • [25:46] Naturopaths actually study nutrition and are likely to give good advice.
  • [27:27] Upgraded mood has lithium in it.
  • [29:53] The hair test looks at the hair closest to your scalp. The test is redone every 3 months.
  • [30:30] The Dutch test is an adrenal test.
  • [32:16] Some minerals do have lower absorption rates. Some nutrients compete with other nutrients for receptor sites.
  • [32:55] We need sodium, and sea salt is the best type because it has trace minerals.
  • [33:51] Barton talks about iodine and our thyroids. People in Japan eat 15 mg of iodine a day.
  • [37:55] Minerals activate the pathways that vitamins need. Boron activates vitamin D.
  • [38:27] Barton talks about chelated vitamins and minerals.
  • [40:21] We talk about Quinton Hypertonic. Upgraded T shows improvements in fertility issues.

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