A Modern Approach to Mental Health and Behavioral Issues

Mental health is not always easy to address or discuss and, even today, stigma exists around this topic. Camelback Recovery knows the delicate nature of addressing mental health conditions and strives to help each client to understand that a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues is nothing to be ashamed of. We understand that co-existing conditions can play a significant role in addiction, and we strive to help our clients break through guilt and shame, so that recovery is possible. Otherwise, the guilt and shame will continue to fuel to the cycle of addiction.

Our mental health support services provide empathetic support for mild mental and behavioral issues, such as depression or anxiety, and for those that may require a controlled environment for medically assisted treatment. Camelback Recovery’s mental health support services help clients address mental or behavioral concerns in a confident and healthy way and assists them in determining the specific services that will maximize their chances of recovery.

The number one goal we have at Camelback Recovery is to be keenly aware of each and every client’s unique needs in the development and execution of their recovery plan, and mental health support is no exception. We want to foster hope in our clients, as well as confidence and faith, that they can achieve their recovery goals and begin to live responsibly and joyously.

Mild Behavioral Issues

Mild behavioral issues may include anxiety and depression, among others. These mental health conditions are sometimes alleviated by the removal of alcohol and other drugs from people’s lifestyle, but often need mental health intervention to become manageable. This support may include the use of medication but may also be improved through counseling or therapy.

Medical Assisted Treatment

When medically assisted treatment is necessary for a client, Camelback Recovery’s mental health support services provide assistance in connecting clients with mental health professionals, providing transportation to and from appointments, as well providing a controlled environment for medical treatment.

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