Beating drug or alcohol addiction is a difficult battle. Addiction treatment centers help people along the road to recovery, providing medication-assisted treatment during the detox process and the counseling or therapy required to build new coping mechanisms and avoid relapse.

Does insurance cover addiction treatment? Many treatment centers accept health insurance plans from major providers, but navigating the complexities of health insurance policies can be a challenge for someone who’s battling drug addiction. Camelback Recovery’s treatment centers accept many forms of health insurance. Contact us today to discuss your insurance coverage and determine if your health insurance plan will cover your substance abuse treatment.

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Understanding Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse treatment may involve a supervised detox, medium-term inpatient treatment, and ongoing outpatient care in the form of therapy or counseling. Health insurance can vary significantly in terms of what it covers, not just by provider but also by individual plan.

Does insurance cover addiction treatment? If you’re wondering if Aetna covers inpatient treatment or if you can get drug and alcohol rehab paid for on Cigna, you’re oversimplifying the question. Even if a friend was able to get their health insurance to cover drug abuse treatment, if their plan was set up by their employer but you bought yours via the Health Insurance Marketplace, the details of the health coverage could be rather different.

Most providers will cover at least some substance abuse treatment, although they might have limitations on the number of therapy sessions covered and the duration of any inpatient stays.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Camelback Recovery, we offer inpatient addiction treatment programs covered by various insurance providers. Our treatment process includes:

  • An initial assessment to determine whether admission is necessary
  • If admitted, a psychiatric and physical evaluation to determine what’s needed
  • A personalized treatment plan developed by doctors and psychiatrists, targeting needs and symptoms
  • A long-term aftercare plan to help transition to everyday life while avoiding relapse

We understand that finances can be a barrier for some people when seeking help for drug addiction. At Camelback Recovery, we work with many health insurance providers, including Triwest and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as other major insurers. If you’re not sure if your insurance will cover substance abuse treatment, just contact us to discuss your options.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our outpatient rehabilitation service helps patients recover from substance use disorders while allowing them to work or tend to family responsibilities. Our regular counseling and therapy sessions provide support, accountability, and the structure needed to facilitate recovery.

Most health insurance providers cover outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Contact us about your specific health insurance coverage and determine whether you’d need to pay out of pocket for any elements of your care.

Detox Services

If you’re struggling with a substance abuse disorder and worried about withdrawal symptoms, our detox services could be exactly what you need. As part of our detox program, you’ll spend some time as an inpatient at a local treatment center and undergo a medically supervised detox.

Depending on your needs, this may include medication to reduce some of the withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications from the side effects of stopping a specific drug or alcohol. Some drugs cause physical dependency, and coming off them can cause serious and sometimes dangerous symptoms. Our team of medical professionals is here to help you get through the physical withdrawal period.

Our care team may recommend an inpatient detox if your situation merits it. However, not all of our clients require this service. We also offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs to cater to those with less intensive needs. We can work with your insurance provider directly to determine which care options are covered and which would best suit your circumstances.

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Camelback Recovery’s Approach to Insurance

At Camelback Recovery, we want to remove as many barriers as possible to addiction treatment. We know insurance plans can be confusing, and anxiety over whether a plan will cover drug or alcohol rehab can put many people off from seeking the care they need.

We work with insurance companies to verify that our clients’ treatment is medically necessary. We’ll try to pre-authorize treatment whenever possible and keep out-of-pocket costs minimal. Insurance policies vary greatly, so we can’t offer blanket advice, but our team can discuss the details of your private insurance with you and advise you on what is and isn’t covered.

In the event that something isn’t covered by insurance, we’re happy to work out payment plans to help spread out the cost of care.

Types of Addiction Treatments Covered by Insurance

Private health insurance typically covers essential health treatment. This means it usually covers rehab if the treatment center proves it’s medically necessary. Specific forms of addiction treatment that are likely to be covered by health insurance plans include:

  • Detoxification: Typically delivered as an inpatient treatment, medically supervised and assisted detox services help patients safely get through the withdrawal process.
  • Inpatient services: Some inpatient services, including detox treatments and therapy/counseling, may be covered by private insurance. Some providers limit the duration of stays, the number of inpatient stays a person can have per year or which elements of treatment will be covered.
  • Outpatient services: Outpatient treatments such as ongoing therapy can have clear behavioral health benefits. These services offer flexibility for the patient and can reduce the risk of a relapse. Some insurance companies require these to be pre-authorized.
  • Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs: Combining the flexibility of outpatient care with the higher level of supervision and monitoring of inpatient programs, partial hospitalization/IOP programs can be a good compromise for those who can’t spend time away from home in a rehab center. Our team can advise you as to whether your insurance coverage would include this form of treatment.

Navigating Your Insurance Plan

When inquiring about treatment coverage, it’s a good idea to confirm whether a specific treatment is covered and any limitations on the treatment and co-pays. For example, if you’re with United Healthcare and set a coinsurance rate of 25%, you’d have to pay that upfront. In addition, some policies may cover a certain number of outpatient therapy appointments per year. It’s also common for insurance companies to require healthcare providers to provide evidence that a specific treatment was medically necessary.

Camelback Recovery will work with your insurance provider to determine its limitations and the evidence it needs. Check your insurance coverage today, and we’ll confirm what your health insurance plan covers and let you know your treatment options.

Patient and counselor reviewing insurance documents to confirm addiction treatment coverage at Camelback Recovery.

Common Insurance Challenges and Solutions

Some common issues people run into when trying to find out if their insurance coverage includes rehab are:

  • Certain treatments not being covered
  • The insurance plan only covers treatment centers within a specific healthcare network
  • Limitations on the number of visits a person can make per year
  • A requirement for treatments to be pre-authorized
  • High co-pays
  • Needing to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later

If you’re worried about whether your insurance plan will cover rehab, just contact us or fill out our insurance form. We’ll get with your insurance company and ask them for specifics about how their policies work. We’ll then let you know whether you’re covered and offer a payment plan or other options to help you access the care you seek.

How Camelback Recovery Can Help You

Camelback Recovery provides a variety of drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment services, including inpatient and outpatient care. Contact us today to check your insurance coverage and arrange addiction treatment from compassionate, caring experts.