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What Does Recovery Mean To You?

We are continuing our journey of spiritual growth at our sober living in Scottsdale, Arizona by following C.W. V. Straaten’s The Addiction Recovery Journal today and have come up to Day 3. If you are enjoying following along and seeing what wonderful things can happen in the span of 366 days please make sure to come back and join us.

“Day 3 – What does recovery mean to you?”

Before I really knew what recovery was through my own experiences I used to think that it just meant ‘being cured’ (shout out Passages lol), but now I know recovery isn’t just a quick fix or a word. Recovery is putting into practice the actions to support you no longer feeding into your past addictions. For me that means praying daily, meditating as often as possible, and accepting the world as it is instead of trying to shapeshift it into what I believe is how things ‘should be’. One thing I remember learning from my sponsors in the past is, “You should never be hard on yourself!”. So really what I’m saying is that recovery to me is a compilation of actions I do to keep myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally fit.

Thanks for joining on the third day of our series at our sober living in Arcadia and Scottsdale for men and women with Camelback Recovery. Don’t forget like and follow us on Facebook and tune in here for the daily prompt! Until tomorrow, spiritual gangsters!