Opening of Women’s Sober Living Residence

Camelback Recovery is excited to announce that we will be opening a beautiful sober living residence for women towards the end of August. The women will enjoy the same pampering amenities that Camelback has been known for during the last two plus years.  Our philosophy is to provide a nurturing environment that provides each individual with a safe and healthy home to support them in their early recovery work.  The foundation of our recovery community is based upon the 12 Steps.  The home is centrally located in the picturesque community of Arcadia (Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona).  Our location provides a close proximity to gyms, yoga studios, healthy restaurants, hiking paths and shopping malls.  Camelback Recovery has been a leader in the sober living community by offering their residents a luxurious home away from home during their stay.  For more information, contact Tim Westbrook at 602.751.4866 or

It is by Self-Forgetting that One Finds – St. Francis Prayer

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
–Winston Churchill

As we grow spiritually, we naturally become more generous. It’s a quality of a well-developed person. Rather than being anxious over whether we will have enough – and rather than hungrily seeking more and more – we become more openhearted. We feel more abundant within ourselves and find that our spirit of generosity even adds to our own abundant feelings. Where we see a need, we help out.

A generous person doesn’t need to shower others with material gifts. The most precious gifts are things such as paying attention to others, respecting them for who they are, and giving our time. Often a material gift is a symbol of the good feelings in a relationship. In our generosity, we also learn to receive others’ gifts to us with humility and respect.

Today I take pleasure in my spirit of generosity.

Letter from Client

Dear Richard (House Manager),

My heart felt thanks I owe you for making my stay at Camelback Recovery welcoming. You should open a fast food deli in your next life where I hope to see you again. Again, thanks for making this old Kentucky boy feel at home.



Testimony from John S. of Scottsdale, Arizona

Staying at Camelback Recovery while attending the PCS Intensive allowed me to really dive into recovery. Beautiful, clean, and safe home…and the House Manager is one heck of a cook too! Thank you! 

John S. – Scottsdale, Arizona

Testimonial from Patrick G

I wanted to share with you the very positive experience I had when I stayed at Camelback Recovery House.  To start with, like many suffering with addictions, being isolated is a big trigger for me. Having the support network within the actual living facility was indispensable. The house manager, Richard, is an incredibly humble, likable and respectful person to deal with. His caring conversations, polite demeanor and honest attitude is soothing and made me feel very welcomed from the start.  He also cooked dinner every night which was a huge benefit, without incurring an additional charge to the weekly rate, I may add.  There were plenty of snacks, breakfast food and lunch options to choose from, and again, at no additional charge.  The camaraderie amongst the other tenants was also a major benefit.  There were people there at different stages of recovery which lead to interesting, yet pro-recovery, conversations, as well as general conversations, that I certainly wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy if I stayed in a hotel room by myself.  The general attitude of “we’re all in this together” amongst everyone was refreshing to say the least.  One of the tenants even gave me a ride to my therapy on two separate mornings when I had to be there at 7am. One of the mornings he didn’t even have to work and gave me a ride out of the goodness of his heart at that super-early time!  Regarding the actual house itself, it is an updated home, clean, well-maintained, in a good neighborhood and it gave me a great sense of familiarity versus the often cold “feel” to a standalone hotel room.  The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was updated and modern and overall I was very pleased with the “hominess” it provided.  Overall, my experience was nothing but positive.  I didn’t know what to expect on my way to Scottsdale, and quite honestly, I was pretty concerned about what the living situation might be when I got there.  What I found was an exceptional house, great people and safe environment that enabled honest and open discussion, or no discussion at all, that in my mind, was critical to my own personal recovery. 


Patrick G.

Tampa, FL

Scholarship Bed Available at Camelback Recovery

We currently have one scholarship bed available at Camelback Recovery.

The normal all-inclusive pricing is as follows:

$1500 per month = twin bed

$1600 per month = double bed

$1800 per month = queen bed

In the interest of comparing apples to apples, I want to break down the monthly fee at Camelback Recovery. Food is valued at $600 per month (this is conservative considering the quality of food provided at the home). Here is the breakdown:

$1500 = monthly fee

$600 = meals/food

$900 = monthly fee not including food

There are 4.43 weeks in a month. So $900/4.43 = $203. Therefore, the monthly fee of $1500 at Camelback Recovery translates to a weekly fee of $203.

Currently, we have one scholarship bed available, one twin bed available, and one queen bed available. 

The food situation at Camelback Recovery is better than it has ever been. Dinner is prepared 5 nights per week and breakfast and lunch meals are prepped and ready to go. 

Please call 602-751-4866 with questions or to setup a tour or email

Thank you!