Step 5

The most common thing I hear from people who are coming back from a relapse is “I wasn’t totally honest on my 5th step”. While we are powerless over alcohol and all mind-altering substances, we are totally empowered to be honest and thorough in our step work. My first fifth step was as honest as I was capable of. I searched to the depths of what I could handle and disclosed everything. As I do more and more fifth steps with my sponsor, I realize a lot of my growth is simply in my ability to perceive situations more accurately and assess my motives more honestly. You don’t have to be further along in the process than you already are but you should push yourself past your fears. The most freedom I’ve ever gotten was in my fifth steps. I was able to tell someone everything and have no judgement returned to me. Leaving isolation and chaos behind, I was able to experience true vulnerability and connection which is now the cornerstone of my spiritual path.