A trained travel companion

Sober transports are trained travel companions who are able to safely accompany an individual from one point to another. We travel anywhere in the world within a moments notice, and we are able to transport an individual who is under the influence of substances, as long as they are not in need of direct medical attention and are safe to fly or drive.

We can provide all travel arrangements, assist with proper documentation, as well as packing and unpacking. Transport services are ideal for the client that cannot trust themselves in an airplane, airports, making it to vital appointments, getting to court, work, etc.

Sober transport consists of:

  • From hospital discharge to treatment facility
  • Transportation to and from treatment
  • From one treatment facility to another
  • From jail to treatment facility
  • From home to work
  • Travel to destinations abroad
  • Events like class reunions, weddings, business conferences, etc.


Price ranges from $200-$1200 per transport depending on severity and location.