Assisting Your Recovery Journey: Sober Companions

Some people may feel apprehensive about going back home after treatment. That’s normal. You’ve worked hard to achieve sobriety, and it may be harder to move away from triggers when your immediate environment isn’t as structured as it was in the recovery home.

Camelback Recovery understands the struggle faced by those transitioning back into their life outside the treatment facility. Working with recovering individuals and hearing their stories allowed us to understand that many of those seeking sobriety feel lonely. These feelings of loneliness may drive them to start drinking again.

A sober companion can make heading back to your normal life less of a challenge.

What is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is a person you may employ to provide you with necessary physical and emotional support as you transition into your life at home. Your sober companion will keep you company during social situations, and even as you attend business meetings and your outpatient and follow-up therapy appointments.

What Can a Sober Companion Do For You?

In some cases, a recovering individual may feel unnerved about meeting old friends, joining group meetings, and integrating back into the community and their old life. These situations may give them the urge to stop for a drink to edge off their mood.

The presence of your sober companion will be a gentle reminder of your focus on health and sobriety. Their main role will be to keep you from drinking or using, during your time with them.

What Sets Our Sober Companions Apart?

Camelback Recovery’s sober companions understand the circumstances you’re in. They are trained to keep you on the recovery path and away from triggering people and circumstances. They may live in your home for a brief period, be there to provide support on an as-needed basis, and even go on vacations with you.

Our sober companions will:

  • Keep watch over you during your recovery
  • Make sure your home environment is free from drugs and alcohol
  • Encourage you to practice the healthy habits you’ve developed while in treatment
  • Observe behaviors that seem out of the ordinary
  • Encourage you to bond and rekindle your ties with your loved ones

If you wish to learn more about how a sober companion can assist your recovery, please fill out our contact form. For immediate assistance, call (602) 466-9880.


Starting at $1,200 per day.