Life Coaching Can Help You Exceed Your Goals & Dreams

Camelback Recovery’s life coaching services provide strengths-based support by guiding clients to take the necessary steps to improve their quality of life. Life coaches help clients devise a recovery plan based on self-examination, transformation of thought processes, and practical steps to take to live happy, healthy, and responsible lives.


For any alcoholic or drug addict to be successful in recovery, there is a vital need for self-reflection in order to recognize unhealthy thought patterns and habits that have developed in active addiction. In order to correct thought processes and unhealthy behaviors, each client will need to take a thorough personal inventory of defects of character before they will be able to transform their thinking and habits into healthy ones that are conducive to success in recovery. Our life coaches are highly skilled in educating clients about how to approach such a difficult task and provide support and guidance as the client takes the necessary steps to improve quality of thought and life.

To Any Lengths

In addition to assisting clients on their path of self-discovery and guidance for change, our life coaches work to instill a work ethic in clients that includes openness and willingness do the hard work that it takes to change unhealthy thinking and behavior that were a part of their life in active addiction. Clients are introduced to a 12-step approach to recovery, which involves, not only thought change, but taking practical direction in the form of assignments by a sponsor and following up with a recognizable desire to remain sober, even when the work gets hard. We know that every client is capable of recovery, regardless of the challenges, as long as they are willing to go to any lengths to get it, and our life coaches are there to steadfastly and joyfully support them in their journey.

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