Growth is the only Evidence of Life

Growth is the only evidence of life.

–John, Cardinal Newman

We should be thankful we can never reach complete serenity. If we could, we would never have the need to improve ourselves. We would stop growing, because there would be no reason to learn any more than we already know, and we would become bored. Even the things which seem so serene in nature usually contain a struggle within. A lake, with a swan gliding slowly across it, seems a perfect picture of serenity. But, unseen below the surface, fish, turtles, and frogs struggle each day for survival.

The important thing is to accept the struggles as a part of the beauty of life, not as blemishes on it.

There is either growth or decay. It is not possible for a living organism to be totally stagnant. A person is always changing, either changing for the better or changing for the worse. This is true when it comes to the mind, body, and spirit. A person is either becoming more spiritually fit or less spiritually fit. A person is either becoming closer to God or further away from God. A person is either getting closer to a drink or drug or further away from a drink or drug. My experience is that if I am working a 12-step program of recovery, I stay spiritually fit. Working a program of recovery to me means morning prayer and meditation, being grateful for things in my life, going to meetings, talking to my sponsor, being of service, and reaching out to another alcoholic. I am grateful that I have learned to be in acceptance and to live life on life’s terms. I am grateful that life is not perfect. I am grateful that I am sober and thinking clearly.