St Patricks Day can bring up lots of old feelings and a feeling of loss in the newly sober alcoholic. The loss of shared gaiety and fellowship around the bar can bring up negative emotions or fears of being left out. Thankfully, newly sober people only have to attend a meeting or participate in a local Alcathon to gain a sense of community and shared purpose. Holidays may be a time for joy and togetherness via alcohol for some, but sober alcoholics need not worry about losing out. Once we have worked the steps, we don’t have to fear being around people who drink or in party environments if we have a sufficient reason to be there AND we are spiritually fit. However, before we work the steps, it is a good idea to avoid drinking environments to spend time at sober events and meetings. It is possible to have joyful togetherness over holidays even if our past experience entwines that with drinking. One day at a time, you will get there.