Camelback Accountability and Support App (C.A.S.A.)

The C.A.S.A. App (Camelback Accountability And Support APP) is Camelback Recovery’s app that allows you and our house managers to be more connected. This app allows us to track the results of day to day operations to help provide greater accountability and support for you as well. When beggining the recovery journey do you want less accountability, community, and support? For men and women alike, the answer is absolutely not! That is exactly why we include this application as a standard for everyone who stays at Camelback Recovery. Whether in Phoenix, Scottdale,  our Technology Assisted Care helps provide another layer of support for our residents. Additionally, while this app is primarily used for support, there have been cases where certain features have assisted in saving lives.

  • In-App Communication

    with the House Manager

  • GPS

    Enabled for Journey Tracking and Meeting Check-Ins

  • Education and Wellness Resources

  • On-Demand Access

    to Daily Recovery Meetings and Community-Based Support

  • 24/7 Contact

    with Personalized Support team

  • Daily Success Tracker with Emoji Check-Ins

To learn more about our Technology Assisted Care or any other feature of our program, please contact us!