The question we most often get asked by our clients is “Why?”

Why do I have to follow curfew?

Why do I have to go to a meeting every day?

Why do I have to make my bed when I get up?

Why do I have to get a sponsor?

Why do I have to work the steps?
While the easy thing would be to say “because it’s the rules”, we find it is much more helpful for our clients to explain exactly why we hold them to such a high standard. Research shows that just three months in a structured sober living reduces relapse rates by up to 40%. And our experience shows that working the 12 steps ensures long-term success. The mind, body and spirit need time to realign and learn new behaviors that cannot be achieved during the course of a 30-day inpatient stay.  What we commonly see is individuals who are very eager to continue living a sober life and working on their program while they are in treatment. However their vigor can wane once they realize their life has gotten a little bit better and things are starting to improve externally. This is a very dangerous time for people who are newly recovered. If the individual has returned to “normal life”, they often don’t have a support system that truly understands their problem and how to solve it. This can result in an unnecessary and possibly fatal slip. Sober living homes provide an important step down from inpatient treatment before the individual moves onto full independent living. Learning how to structure their lives again in a healthy way is a process and it doesn’t have to go any faster than what is best for the client. In fact, Camelback Recovery often sees clients stay for 2-3 times longer than they originally intended once they begin to enjoy the benefits of living in our homes. If you or a loved one is interested in sober living, please give us a call at 602-751-4866 and we would be happy to help in any way we can.