I’m back for the second day of our blogging growth series here at Camelback Recovery, a sober living home in Scottsdale and a sober living in Arcadia. We are going through The Addiction Recovery Journal by C.W. V. Straaten and responding to the daily prompt with all of your readers to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I hope you enjoy today’s blog and if you do please share on social media and be sure to like, follow, and comment on our post on the Facebook page. Thanks in advance spiritual fam!

“Day 2- What could people learn from you?”

As someone who has been in recovery and also worked in recovery for a female sober living program here in Scottsdale, I have attained many qualities that I believe would be beneficial for other people to attain themselves. Honestly, though, the one I feel like people could learn from me though would be being able to recognize when I am wrong and taking ownership of those things that I can improve on. Although recovery is mostly being willing to facilitate change within yourself even if it doesn’t necessarily happen 100% of the time. So although I still have moments where emotions may produce reactions, most of the time I am able to naturally be able to recognize the feeling of me acting in my defects. This is something so valuable to learn because it’s through that self-reflection and actively practicing the sixth step that as people in recovery we are able to become better versions of ourselves one right choice at a time.

Please let us know if you enjoyed reading and what your answer is to today’s prompt. We appreciate your feedback and support. Until tomorrow Camelback Recovery family!