Every intention sets energy into motion

Whether you are conscious of it or not.


~ Gary Zukav ~


I know what my true intentions were based upon my results. Once I made the decision to be sober, my actions around sobriety supported that decision. I fully immersed myself into the program of AA. I went to one or two 12-step meetings per day, I got a sponsor and I started working the steps, I got a home group and a service commitment. In my first year of recovery, the majority of my life revolved around recovery related activities. Health, fitness, and exercise, yoga and meditation, food and nutrition were all huge compliments to my recovery. Structure, rules, and living a balanced life were important parts of my recovery. I am an alcoholic and an addict. This means that I tend to get focused on one activity and go overboard. This means that I can be a workaholic, sex addict, shopaholic, or exercise addict. Structure and balance are imperative.

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