Students Against Destructive Decisions’ (SADD) goal is to provide students with education and tools to prevent underage drinking, other substance use, driving under the influence, and other destructive decisions. (, 2014). SADD was founded on the premise that you people, when given the tools to help each other, are the most effective when it comes to substance use prevention. SADD is a nationwide program with thousands of chapters across the country and millions of members. According to, teen alcohol-related car accidents has been decreased by almost 60% since being founded 1981. Through campaigns and activities, SADD influences more young people and schools than any other program in the U.S.

SADD is a science-based prevention program that is continuing to become bigger, better, stronger, and more effective. According to, one of the most effective methods of prevention cited is positive youth development. This is in line with SADD’s main philosophy.