Marijuana remains the third most popular substance of abuse behind nicotine and alcohol.  Should marijuana be legalized for general use and why? 


This is a huge question in society today. Should marijuana be legal? There are good arguments to both sides. One would argue that alcohol is worse for you than marijuana. You don’t hear many stories about people drinking on marijuana and getting into a deadly car accident. I don’t think I have ever heard about a deadly car accident where marijuana was the main drug of influence. However, I went to Aspen last summer where marijuana is legal. It seemed like everyone smoked weed. I was offered weed so many times I cannot count. Many of the people in Aspen seemed mentally slow. In other words, they were stoned. Maybe it was because I was in a mountain ski bum town? In my opinion, people are mentally slow when they are stoned. I do not like being around people that are stoned. Then again, I don’t really like being around people that have had too much to drink. So I guess I don’t like being around people that are excessive when it comes to marijuana or alcohol. I don’t like marijuana and I don’t smoke it. I used to smoke it. However, I was never a huge fan of it. That being said, marijuana is much safer than alcohol, in my opinion. If it is legal, it can be regulated and possibly controlled.