Let’s Get Moving – Our company philosophy is in line with the idea that people in recovery improve spiritually, then mentally and physically. This is why we provide extra structure and support in the areas of physical well-being. We require clients do 5 actions per week to take care of themselves outside of IOP, therapy and 12 step work to guide them towards a balanced lifestyle. Many clients report not knowing how to get started on their weekly self-care so we have begun offering free gym memberships for any client who is interested for the duration of their stay. We also offer clients the option to get a 2 week unlimited pass at a local yoga studio if they are interested.

Malibu Beach Recovery Diet – We have also just integrated the Malibu Beach Recovery Cookbook into our program. Our house managers will be using this evidence-based cookbook from Rivermend Health to guide our nutrition program. The focus is on healthy, high-protein foods that boost dopamine and norepinephrine to bring about faster physiological recovery from addiction. With these new additions to our program, we hope to make it easy for our clients to discover the joy and healing power of food and movement!