Female Sober Living in Phoenix and Tucson

When I was driving from the all-female sober living in Scottsdale over to a friend, my navigation took me through an unfamiliar route. Before I realized it I was at a stop sign in front of a home that I used to sneak off to during lunch to use so I could get through my day. It reminded me of how difficult my life was in addiction and how now managing an all sober living in Scottsdale my life has drastically changed.

Later in my drive, I ended up on the front of a sober living a friend of mine lived in who recently was sent to prison for manslaughter. He was using and drove, just like I had been before, and got into a car accident and the other driver died. It’s so quick how you can go from sobriety to relapsing and making the biggest mistake of your life. That is the truth about this disease though! You can get into the solution and find recovery or you can continue down the path and end up incarcerated, institutionalized or dead.

Finally, on my way home I drove by a neighborhood by my old sober living in Phoenix, Arizona and wound up right where I had a car accident the day I relapsed. I had forgotten to put my car into “park” and my car slid right into oncoming traffic. I looked over to my door and I saw the window shatter and somehow I managed to jump over the center console, open the passenger door and pushed me and my friend hard enough that my car slid past us during the accident. I nearly lost my life that night.

All these different places triggered my memory that night and placed me in a position where I could dwell on the negativity or be grateful for the wonderful gifts I have today. I truly believe my higher power wanted to route me in a different direction so I could remember all the places I no longer want to be in.

Written By Dani Maldonado
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Camelback Recovery provides sober living and transitional housing in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson, AZ. We provide recovery coaching in a structured and supportive environment that promotes long term transformational changes in our clients by focusing on 12-Step fundamentals, human connection, and accountability.