Camelback Recovery is excited to announce the launch of our new app, C.A.S.A – Camelback Accountability Support App.

Direct support services are available anywhere at any time through the use of C.A.S.A. as a point of contact between house managers and sober living clients.  Use and application will be seamless and highly applicable; Clients will simply download the app, accessible on both Android and Apple products, to participate in daily check ins, have real time communication with their house managers, and overall increase client engagement in our program to sustain positive and healthy growth.

The app has a lot of exciting features including:

-Texting and calling abilities. House managers are directly linked as support so clients can check in at designated times.  Communication is subject to administrative review to ensure all conversations are productive and recovery driven.  Recovery coaches and other support members may be linked as well.

-GPS location services to verify meeting attendance and to enhance accountability, especially on overnights or curfew extensions.

-Daily activities for clients to complete.  This monitors random UA and BAC tests as well and digitally logs that information for administrative review.

-Wellness and educational resources.


In a society run by smart phones, the easily and readily available technology as a key element of C.A.S.A. will allow Camelback Recovery and all of our clients to utilize “quick and accessible” support in an entirely new way, whether or not they are in a sober living environment.

Implementing C.A.S.A. into the Camelback Recovery program and providing the opportunity to step towards a higher level of wellness will overall increase levels of support, accountability, and structure many people need on a seven day a week basis.  To find out more, please call (602) 466-9880 or check out our website at  We hope this new and exciting feature in our program will reach as many people as possible and give them the support they have been looking for.  Stay tuned for more updates and developments by following us on Facebook and Instagram and reaching out with any questions.